Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The ABC’s funding is a waste of the taxpayers hard earned dollar

While many enjoy the ABC, and many, like myself, won’t bother watching it, especially the biased news programs, one fact cannot be denied. That is, that the ABC is the epitome of laziness in Australia. It provides a haven for lazy doll-bludgers, provides a haven to corrupt union bosses and makes no effort to supplement to your hard-earned money.

Yes, the ABC gets a massive subsidy from the Federal Government, yes, that is your money, and yes, they couldn’t care less. And what’s more, they don’t even attempt to get any more themselves. Yes, this modern day corporation that claims to be for the Australian people is the equivalent of a spoilt brat, happy to take, but won’t give anything. No, they don’t advertise, no, they don’t even try. While other corporations are out there trying hard to sell their news, the news the ABC gives out for free (the first of many business violations), the ABC sits back and actually spends money that the news platforms that actually give fair news can’t afford to spend. Yes, the ABC can host expensive CEO’s. What’s that? You want a new studio? Why not? And a logo redesign, just because you don’t like it. Well, that’s fair! The plain fact is, the ABC is a corporation that, while claiming to, doesn’t reflect the hard work of ordinary Australians. Like most politicians, the bureaucrat lead ABC is out of touch with their base, with the reason for their existence, and it is this lack of gratefulness, this seemingly infinite access to money, that is not only losing politicians the support and favour they once bathed in, but is bringing the respect and trust of the ABC to the ground. Like the mythical phoenix, the ABC must be born from ashes, as this is the only thing that the taxpaying Australian will accept.

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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) puports to express an even
viewpoint, but the corporation, swamped by leftists, has been unable to
do so for a very long time.
Not only is it the lazy attitude that disturbs me, but it is the oblivious circumstance of it. Does the ABC not realise the debt we are in? Do they not realise that the money they receive, the unwarranted money, could be going to better resources, like the debt, like defence, like justice? Yet they still sit on their high horse, knowing full well that the union-led Labour party won’t touch the ABC, and spineless Turnbull is too scared to come close. Who was the last one to touch the ABC? It was Abbott, who was preparing to lower the subsidy provided to the ABC. Abbott had the right idea, an idea people voted for, but as the conservative ideals of the Liberal party are hidden from the people, as the central part of the party take over, so does the action on the ABC and its funding. This supposedly conservative government, continually under-fire from a leftist media source that no longer represents the values it was founded upon, and no longer holds the trust of the Australian people, won’t dare touch it, like the union-led party that it is quickly transforming into.

The last point I would like to touch upon, and totally unrelated to funding, is the basis of the ABC, and what it represents. The bias in the ABC is undeniable. Not even the most incoherent (as most are) leftist-communist who has lived under a rock for the past decade could negate that- the bias of the ABC is set in stone. So, when we look at the ABC, and all it stands for, it totally fails this test. It doesn’t provide a fair look at topics, as I will soon prove, it doesn’t provide for the average Australian and it protects those who are actually violating the Australian culture.

In Australia, we like to have a go, the entrepreneurial spirit, now somewhat tired, is still in most Aussies, but it seems, this flair of independence, this flair of strength is totally forgotten in the ABC. The ABC is simply a haven for those doll-bludging Australians that continually violate the trust that is the basis of the Australian culture. The taxpaying Australian works hard, and worked hard to get a job. They did this, not only to support their family, but to make sure other hard working taxpaying Australian’s didn’t have to support them on the doll. And sure, many of the people on Centrelink payments don’t want to be there. It isn’t a lot of money, but for the stereotypical hippy, only wanting to surf his whole life, the doll is enough to support a diet of instant noodles- oh, and of course, the organic fruit bars.

The ABC provides a haven for these people, supporting the traditional leftist opinions of the Labour party. This is clear when we see programs like Q&A, where many panellists are of a certain leftist opinion, and two of the seven are of a traditional conservative background with traditional views upon the matter. Essentially, the ABC makes the true silent majority seem like a loud minority when the very truth is in the opposite. Conversations on issues like refugees, global warming and same sex marriage are all typical areas where the biased ABC likes to show where their allegiances lie, and it is for this reason that the ABC is not only defying the Australian culture, but providing a biased opinion on matters that should have equal say.

The ABC is simply a place where worthless (and overpaid) bureaucrats express biased opinions on the leftist side of the spectrum that don’t reflect the views of the traditional Australia –the silent majority. Not only this, but this media corporation is subsidised by a government supposedly funding a fair media source. Not only this, it is a conservative government- essentially, this Liberal government is funding the publication of leftist ideas. And lastly, the ABC is a corporation that doesn’t even try to supplement the money provided by the hard working taxpaying Australian, the laziness of the ABC is evident in this issue and the basic defiance of the original foundations of the ABC is obvious, and for this reason, the ABC should be stripped of all government funding, or, if the Turnbull government is too scared to take this step (for fear of losing already lost votes), then at least Turnbull should take the plunge and actually implement a measure of scaling down the funding provided by the government, an action Abbott was in the process of implementing (and one of the key reasons Turnbull won’t actually do this).

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