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Sarah Hanson-Young once again proves why she needs the boot

 I’m certainly glad I’m not Sarah Hanson-Young’s daughter, who, while sick, was taken on a trip, on an overnight plane, to go whale watching. But don’t worry, in-between the oysters, the $3,500 dollars spent in 2 days, the 98 whales watched and the chauffeur, Hanson-Young apparently was talking to people in the tourism industry. Because that affects her how, exactly?

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The Greens Senator consumed some 
There are many problems with the most recent disturbance of the many in Hanson-Young’s career. This failed politician just manages “to say anything and get away with it”, Andrew Bolt said on 2GB last night. And that’s exactly right, not only has she spent an excessive amount of money, but has claimed a dodgy excuse, and then taken aim at those trying to call her out for it. But first, to finance;

This most recent bill on the taxpayer is just one of many examples that shows that the Greens really don’t care about the taxpayer. These “greenies” mainly call for a Marxist society (yes, how these people can possibly get into parliament is beyond my knowledge), yet go out and spend the money that, under their model, should be spread. You shouldn’t get a whale watching trip, Marxism is all about simplicity, and whale watching is too extravagant. So, that’s the first contradiction.

But she doesn’t care about the taxpayer. She goes around, posting images of her and her “sick” daughter eating oysters, being chauffeured around South Australia and just generally, couldn’t care less about the money that she thinks grows on a tree. One 2GB caller said that Hanson-Young has the mentality of a 15-year-old. I find that insulting. As a 15-year-old, I’d hope I have a bit more cognitive capacity than this irresponsible politician. But I guess us taxpayers have to be understanding of her. She’s just spending up big before she gets the boot from parliament in 2019.

My second problem is that Hanson-Young claims that this trip was in the interests of tourism. She apparently had an appointment regarding tourism but get this. As Bolt revealed on 2GB last night, the whale watching centre is virtually in the middle of nowhere. That’s right, it’s not too far from the border. Why does this matter to Hanson-Young? This tourism excuse seems to me a craftily made excuse that falls apart under any close scrutiny.  But one part of Hanson-Young’s plan has been fulfilled. She has managed to draw attention to this whale watching station in the middle of nowhere. That’s one plus.

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Sarah Hanson-Young enjoyed a spot of whale watching while supposedly conducting
meetings regarding the environment and tourism.
The next faulty excuse used by Hanson-Young was that her daughter was sick. That’s why she was accompanying Hanson-Young instead of being at school. Apparently, going on a plane, overnight and going whale-watching is good for a cold. Not only that but there just happened to be a position on the plane for her 11-year-old daughter. Was she really sick or was it planned? The mystery surrounding Hanson-Young continues to increase.

The last problem with this little episode is Hanson-Young’s response to the backlash against her irresponsible spending and transparent lies. She says that “grumpy, old, white men” are complaining about her, bringing up irrelevant topics. Yes, she did bring out the race card. Yes, she brought out male supremacy and not only that, age somehow has a factor in this matter.

This weak response brings her offence to a whole other level. Sure, lying to the taxpayer, that’s common, immoral but common, and spending taxpayer money is also common, but bringing out the race and sexist card is bringing the matter to a whole other level. As most leftists believe, the race and sexist card somehow brings moral weight to their side. They somehow now hold the upper hand in some moral case that wasn’t existent previously. This is loathsome and the most irresponsible part of this story. But not only that, Steve Price and Andrew Bolt managed to, on 2GB last night, bring up at least two examples of young, black women having a problem with Hanson-Young and her actions regarding this irresponsible use of taxpayer money. This clearly flaws her complaint.

Lastly, what would happen if some conservative parliamentarian had been brought to the spotlight in a case like this? Why have actions like those taken against Bronwyn Bishop not been incurred against Hanson-Young? Sure, I’m not championing for the bringing down of politicians for irresponsible taxpayer money- due to the fact that virtually everyone does it. This doesn’t mean I’m okay with it, or that it should be an offence that has no punishment, but the singling out of a politician, like what happened with Bronwyn Bishop, is unacceptable. The left seems to be of the same opinion when it comes to their politicians, but conservative ones? That’s a whole other case. This hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious, and what’s more- the government isn’t bringing this to the public’s attention. It is up to conservative media outlets to bring this to the public’s attention. Where is the attack dog in the government? The election isn’t just won at the election. But, I digress.  The point is, had this been a conservative politician, the headlines would have been aggressive like those regarding Hanson-Young haven’t. This double-standard is infuriating!

In the end, Hanson-Young is an irresponsible politician that, while thinking she is making her situation better, digs herself into a hole with transparent lies that the everyday Australian can see through. However, the loyal tree-huggers and leftists no doubt see justification behind Hanson-Young’s lies and actions. What is true, however, is Hanson-Young is coming to the end of her days. She was the youngest politician to ever enter the Senate, and that achievement is sure to be overwhelmed by the big landslide that she is sure to face at the next election- after all- is there anyone in Australia who is that idiotic to vote for Hanson-Young? This woman would be dangerous if she had a brain, so let’s just be grateful that she isn’t as dangerous and irresponsible as she could be.

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