Monday, 3 July 2017

Refugees given unwarranted payout by the Federal Government

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Both Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Immigration Minister,
Peter Dutton have spoken out against the deal that shows weakness 
by the supposedly hard-line government.
When you’ve got a government that goes to pay 70 dollars of taxpayer money instead of going to court over a case of 1,905 refugees housed on Manus Island over a period of 2 years, you know something’s wrong. When you’ve got a spineless government led not by the ministers, like Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who should have a say over this matter, but instead the central-leftist wing of the supposedly conservative government, and this is a dangerous power. We’ve already seen Christopher Pyne bringing out his rant about the central powers of the government, and this case is that illustrated.

But the really worrying thing about this case especially, not even the payout, but the fact that the Immigration Minister didn’t have a say, or an influence, in this payout. In the payout that directly affects his department, that directly puts his department in a shadow, in particular speculation, he had no influence in the payout and the case itself. If he had advised that the case go to court, as the average Australian taxpayer, who works hard for their money, would expect, it wouldn’t have been worth his time, for the senseless bureaucrats don’t take advice from those that they should. These senseless idiots have decided to, and I don’t care the reasons, whether judged or not, make a decision strictly against the advice of the minister, strictly against he who is directly affected by this. We’ve seen speculation by various news retailers, most left-wing, about how the Immigration Department wants to hide the horrible actions of staff at the detention centre, but whether the horrible actions actually happened, and I’m not speculating this, the fact that this assumption is being allowed to be made, and the fact that it is a totally reasonable assumption based on the decision, is really worrying, that the central part of this government is making decisions that spread negative ideals about the Immigration department that are totally untrue. This is the most worrying part: that unwarranted decisions are made, directly affecting the department, without taking into account the advice of the department.

Not only this, but it shows how carelessly the Turnbull Government throws money at people, without thinking about the flow on effects, this sort of attitude is what the Labour Government was accredited for and criticised by the Liberal opposition, but when it comes to the leftist-in-disguise Turnbull, nothing’s changed. He needs to stop and think about the message behind his actions, and his wider ministry’s actions. We’ve seen him going on spending sprees before. The disastrous submarine deal, this costly and time-spending measure to “keep Australia safe”, and other such deals by the government that reflect the leftist attitude of the constantly changing Liberal coalition Government.

In the end, this decision is not only unwarranted, ill-judged and totally erratic, but represents the changing ideals of the Liberal party, a key factor why minor parties like One Nation are seeing growing support and the polls, which Turnbull once cared so much about, are constantly going south.

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