Friday, 7 July 2017

Labour manages to show why they don’t support the average worker

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Shorten claims to be supporting the avergae worker, but in their oblivious circle,
they don't understand they're actually harming the worker.
In the recent penalty rates debate, the Liberals have consistently been fighting to remove penalty rates, a move that would allow greater freedom to small business, and greater ability to be open on weekends. However, Labour, taking their traditional stance of union puppet, is defending the penalty rates, calling out the Liberals for cheating everyday Australians.

First things first- the only cheating that’s been going on is Christopher Pyne. The second fact is that Labour is actually harming the everyday Australian. To the average leftist, penalty rates provide workers with the extra money needed to boost their education, as many seeking jobs with penalty rates are students. These leftists actually believe that penalty rates help the average worker. The truth is, penalty rates harm the average worker. Sure, to the naïve worker, extra money each week helps, and in many cases, this is all it is, a little extra money, but what about those who don’t get to work on weekends due to businesses not being able to afford the penalty rates that workers, or more correctly, worker’s unions demand?

Lets take, for example, the figures of a $100 wage per day, and on Saturday and Sunday, the worker gets $150 each day. That worker, if working 7 days a week, has just earned $800 per week. But take the worker who only gets to work 5 days a week, because the business can’t afford $800 a week. That worker only gets $500 per week. Here is where the worker is missing out. However, look at the figures if the worker works 7 days a week on normal pay- the worker gets $700. While this can make a big difference to some workers, this is $200 more than many workers are getting in this example. Only a minority are getting the $800 per week. The rest are getting the small amount of $500. So, essentially, what the Labour party is doing, is keeping many workers at a weekly wage of $500 when truly, they could be getting $700 per week.

Here, we can see that already the Liberal policy, that has, to the best of my knowledge, been implemented, is helping the average worker. This is at least one sign of the Liberal party attempting to get in touch with average Australians.

Another good part to this story is the publicity that this policy change has been given and the way in which the relevant minister, Michaelia Cash, has been spreading the story. Heard on 2GB on Tuesday, Cash was explaining how the Liberal policy helped Australian’s more than the Labour policy and pointed out inconsistencies within the Labour policy.

Image result for bill shorten penalty rates
Senator and Minister for Education, Michaelia Cash has been speaking out about the
hypocrisy of Bill Shorten.
Cash highlighted how, as Australian Workers Union Boss, Bill Shorten prevented hundreds of Queensland Target workers from getting penalty rates. All these years, those workers have been getting lower wages than the rest of Australia and Shorten claims to be representing the average Australian worker? And how has the policy of the Labour opposition changed so dramatically from when Bill Shorten agreed upon temporary penalty rate measures. Why has that agreed upon temporary changed into forever? Why is the Labour party once again proving that Australian’s can’t put trust into a Labour government? Shorten claims that after the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years, the Labour party has learnt. I’d like to see what it has learnt. Has it learnt to be consistent? To be truthful. None of the above! Not only has it proven it’s lack of consistency in this matter but at the 2016 election, they lied about the Liberal party revoking Medicare from thousands of Australians. The Labour party has not learnt and cannot be trusted to deal with matters regarding everyday Australian workers.

So, the lesson today is that, not only is the Labour party still as bad as it was, but that the Liberal party, despite it’s treacherous leadership and internal battles, which Turnbull continues to claim is only caused by the media, has managed to do something that will help the average Australian and at the same time, taken time to get a little more in touch with the average Australian.

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