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School's brainwashing students defying the role of schools

The role of the school is not to influence impressionable children and teenagers with political ideas and rants about identity, race and the golden ticket to righteousness in schools these days, how bad Donald Trump is, but to educate students not only so they can enter the workforce and give to society as is the role of every citizen, but to educate students so they can make their own choice, not brain-washing but education and the clear line between the two is being deliberately blurred over by leftist schools wishing to force an identity-politics related agenda that is so prominent in society. And this is wrong! It is the parent’s role to influence a child, if anything, not a teacher that is paid to teach something totally different than politics. A teacher is there to teach, not brainwash, but why is the latter occurring in schools, not the former and what are the effects?

No doubt, schools are pushing an agenda, mostly identity-politics related, as this seems to be the hot topic for many to get all riled up about. Schools are getting students to watch Ted Talks on Jonathan Sri, a Greens councillor (that is the first of many bad signs) talk about oppression. Sure, his parents may have been refugees that went through hard times and Jonathan may feel as if he has to whine about something now and again (a post about Jonathan and his inconsistencies (which are many) will be coming out soon) and sure, sometimes he is onto something, like Aboriginal representation, but when he claims that the so-called meritocracy that is run in Australia, that being a government system where the best for the job are in that job, is false and being run over by conservatives and those of the rights is a total fallacy. I agree with him, meritocracy can’t work in Australia, not only is he holding a seat (anyone in the Greens really isn’t capable of holding anything) but the Labor party managed to get into power for a short spending spiel. Were they really the right ones for the job? Surely not, so the meritocracy is out the window, except it's come right back through the window with the election of the Liberal-National government. Jonathan talks about the lack of representation and meritocracy in Australia, but an Aboriginal man holds 3 portfolios in Government, one appertaining to Aboriginal affairs, and this is more than generous.

Anyhow, I digress. The fact is, schools are making students watch this man give a talk. This man is obviously spreading a political agenda, to deny it would be idiocy- he holds a political seat for goodness sake! But not only this but in his Ted Talk, Sri revealed that he hates the Australian flag. What sort of anti-Australian propaganda are schools really trying to spread? Are foreign interests in our schools? Has Sam Dastyari got hold of the education system?!

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Speeches by anti-Australia politician
Jonathan Sri are being included in education
The simple fact is, this anti-Australia sentiment is being spread through students, and being as impressionable as they are, it spreads quicker, more effectively and more dangerously than wildfire. After all, Nelson Mandela did say that “education is the best weapon in bringing about social change”. This is what the education system, at least in NSW is trying to bring about, social change, social change against the will of parents being let out decision-making making process. Deny it all you want, but the plain truth is out there. Look at the safe-schools scheme. No, I didn’t hear any pleas for it to be brought to NSW from supposedly “progressive” Victoria, but no doubt the leftist teachers, who have probably just emerged from their parent’s basement, have been calling for it, in their little cloud, impenetrable from the tax-paying parents who can only look on from the sidelines as Australia slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean- the modern day Titanic.

So, what is the modern day role of the school, although, as you can probably gather, I disagree with it. Today, schools have become a political war-zone, full of teachers teaching against a strict curriculum (strict, you’ve got to be kidding yourself). However, teachers are blatantly going against the curriculum, whether it comes up in conversation or whether setting class work. Whole departments set up fancy names for areas of study like “oppression”. Really, the English guidelines are for students to study perspective, something that, from a literary point of view, could be done through the use of dual narratives or the use of genders in novels. However, most year 9 students wouldn’t have a clue what a “dual narrative” is, only that, to gain an understanding of perspective, their school made them study some far off war where one side is clearly defined as evil and one as good (in “mainstream” Australia, it seems that Israel is the bad side and Iran the good guys. Oil reserves probably aid Iran in some areas of this incorrect opinion), or where students had to decide whether some well-off politician going on another whinge (like I am now) is oppressed. Quite frankly, I doubt Sri knows much about oppression. He mentions in his speech some events like the Cronulla riots and the booing of Adam Goodes, but failed to mention how Adam Goodes vilified a 12-year-old girl who wouldn’t know a thing about identity politics, but simply made a statement, probably not politically incorrect,but hey, the world’s too politically incorrect anyway, and Goodes was overacting anyway. Nor does Sri mention how Goodes provoked the reaction by mimicking the throwing of a spear, an apparently traditional action in the Aboriginal culture. Let’s get this straight, we are in Australia, with Australian culture. This is not Aboriginal land, nor do we hold Aboriginal cultures dear. That was a culture which, while can be acknowledged as being here first, was primaeval and a world, in my opinion, better left behind. But if you disagree, you can go live on some deserted Pacific island without Wi-fi and air conditioning, things that wouldn’t be brought to Australia with the technology in Aboriginal Australia.
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But don't get angry with Jonathan, it's the leftist AEU
which leads this leftist education revolution.

Let me stop digressing and make one final point. Not only are schools brainwashing students with “progressive” leftist ideologies, but they are defying their purpose in the first place. Are students making the world a better place or are they just another generation of stay-at-home professional protestors who live in the basement of their parents home and don’t have a job. If the former was true, then why are we seeing occasions arise, most prominently in America, where students are becoming more and more “liberal”? Why are professors at Evergreen University in Washington D.C being forced out of their classrooms and having to be helped by police because they are white? Why are student protestors trying to stop students from coming to school because they are white? Is a “black-only” day even legal? Why are these student professional protestors burning cars in the streets and chanting about losing the election nearly a year later? When will schools and the education system wake up about the legacy they are creating, about the generation they are forming and about the mark they are leaving on the world? It will only happen when people begin to speak up, when people refuse to let this happen and when parents take control of their children’s education instead of useless, worthless, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats running the education system, controlling the very leftist and “liberal” Teachers Union and forming a “whinge” society where everyone is wrapped up in bubble wrap and kept in the spare bedroom until they’re 45. That is when it will happen, not before, and I can feel parents beginning to feel fed up with the way the education system is running now.

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