Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Victory in NSW should be simple

Gladys is at a clear advantage from the likes of Mike Baird for the simple reason that she can start afresh.

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Gladys Berejiklian has a simple path to victory
Mike Baird had the unsatisfactory and election losing policy of forced amalgamations. Whatever reasons were behind the movement, the execution was a failed exhibition and it’s not as if he could have gone back on his word without losing the support of many of his followers, especially those supporting the amalgamation move. However, with the departure of Mike Baird recently, and the installation of Gladys Berejiklian, the state elections, and any by-elections should be a relatively simple affair. Sure, after some of Mike Baird’s decisions, voters may not vote for the Liberal party, but not enough to rule the Liberal party out of the election. And it’s not as if people are going to vote for the Labour party!

So, to win the election, and to win by a considerable margin, Berejiklian has to do two simple things. Things she most likely won’t do. But things she must do to ensure a profitable election result.

First, she must repeal the forced amalgamations. The Liberal party has already seen tragic losses among ranks due to the failed policy. Liberal party members, and especially Premier, haven’t spoken to the people adequately about it. She needs to either repeal the policy (which has seen Nationals leader (someone completely free of the blame) Troy Grant lose his position) or speak to the people about why she won’t. She needs to talk to the people more about it.

Similarly, Gladys needs to change the way in which she addresses the people. Mike Baird was a rare public figure. He rarely went publicly and therefore, drew a significant distinction between himself and the public of whom he was to serve. Gladys needs to speak to the people more, needs to explain the party’s position on the policies and needs to most importantly, create a link between her, and party and the public. She can’t be someone higher than the public, she can’t be on a pedestal, she needs to be on the same level as the people she serves.

In all cases, it is highly unlikely that the NSW Labour party will make an ascension into power. However, Berejiklian has a major task ahead if she wants to make a profit in a seemingly dire situation.

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