Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Universities and schools alike, where is the government run education system going?

If a teacher is to provide a political insight to a student, it should be done by giving the student both sides of the issue and letting the student make a decision based on fair and accurate information. It should not, however, be done by forcing bias information down children’s throats. It should not be done by wearing T-shirts with political slogans or by forcing students to write messages to politicians in Year 3 when students can barely make decisions of their own.

There is an age where you can drink, there is an age where you can drive, and age for consent and most importantly, an age where you are legally bound to vote. There is an age for a reason. People have decided that people under that age, especially students in Year 3, don’t have the baseline of maturity or knowledge to deal with the facts or the consequences. That is why people in Year 3 cannot vote. So why are teachers at schools preaching politics to the vulnerable and impressionable young children who can’t be trusted to tick a box on a voting form? Why are these teachers breaking the code of conduct by giving a bias opinion to these impressionable children? Why are these leftist teachers brainwashing these students with facts that half of the time, aren’t true?

Helensburgh Public School features teachers walking around in T-shirts (talk about high staff standards while on the job) bearing the political slogan ‘Teachers for Refugees’. Now, besides the facts about illegal immigrants, and yes, most in detention centres are illegal refugees, teachers shouldn’t be forcing bias and one-sided information down children’s throats. Teachers also shouldn’t be making students write letters to politicians or draw/write captions about the unfairness about detention centres. Where does this fit into the curriculum or is this just another of the Teacher’s Union’s leftist ploys?

The petitionYear 3 students from Helensburgh Public School wrote to local politicians describing the ‘Sovereign Borders’ scheme as ‘cruel’. Students obviously (sarcasm) wrote from the heart about an issue that they are obviously geniuses on. Stella featured saying that refugees should ‘be free like us!’. Stella added that her ‘heart is broken’. I bet that Stella wouldn’t know anything about refugees, nor about terrorist attacks. I bet she wouldn’t know about the deaths that happen when ‘boat people’ travel to Australia. Would that wrench on her heart-strings? Why hasn’t she written about that? Or has she not been told about those deaths? About the people that die at sea trying to get to Australia? What about the downgrading financial effects of thousands upon thousands of refugees that would occur should all these refugees in detention centres be allowed into the country? Would those Year 3 students be fine with their parents losing their job to refugees? Because more people and the same amount of jobs means lots of people will lose their jobs, and more people will rely on Centrelink which means that those students whose parents do keep their job will have to pay more tax. Will Stella be happy with that?

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure not targeting Stella, I am just pointing out how these impressionable, young and immature children are being used as puppets to accentuate a cause held dear by the teachers. Those students wouldn’t have a clue about what is going on. Wait, let me correct that, they know the leftist point of view, but the middle ground? Not so much.

But it’s not just Primary schools riddled with the disease of bias and misuse of power over vulnerable souls. Universities have also succumbed to this preaching of political ideals.

At the Queensland University of Technology, Brian McNair warned that Trump is the modern day Hitler. He stated that:
“Trump’s democratically endowed seizure of political power as of November 8, is very similar to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in 1930s Germany.”

As Andrew Bolt correctly asks, Do all professors have to be leftists? Or are they brainwashed by the Teacher’s Unions like their students, like zombies? I don’t want to make any big statements, but the imagination wouldn’t have to stretch very far to imagine the same sort of scare political teachings occurring at La Trobe University.

At the end of the day, it is not a teachers place, as a huge influence in a child’s life, to make political statements, especially biased, or political slogans or ideals to vulnerable young children. It is a teacher's duty to inform a student of both sides of a matter and allow the student to make their own decision. If education is a compulsory matter, then at least allow students to make decisions of their own, as they will have to do in the real world. And what is school if it is not preparation for the real world.

Lastly, I have a fact that most readers wouldn’t find shocking at all. The headmaster of this Helensburgh school is a Labour former deputy-mayor. What a surprise that his views, or the views of his former party, is now the views of his nine-year-old political activist students. And lastly, people of Wollongong, beware. This Chris Connor is a current councillor at Wollongong council.

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