Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Turnbull seems to be growing up, Shorten on the other hand, can’t be saved

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Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull arrive at the 25th anniversary of the ARM
The former head of the Australian Republican Movement and current Primer Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed movement members at the 25th anniversary of the launching of the cause. Now, I’m all for opinions, I’m all for individual beliefs. Just because I don’t believe in a republic doesn’t mean that others can’t. But should a prime minister of a Commonwealth country believe in a republic? Should someone else be on the job? All that is for certain is that diplomatic relations must be hard.

However, in this cause that seems to be agenda filled, Turnbull did seem to make some sense, that the Australia managed to blow out of proportion. The Australia article entitled:
‘Malcolm Turnbull: Republic must come after Queen Elizabeth’s reign.’
The fact of the matter is that Turnbull was much more subtle than that. He suggested that should a plebiscite on a republic come, it would not come, and would not be supported during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and would have to come afterwards, if it were to eventuate.

However, what did catch my interest was this line in the article which, if true, shows that Turnbull is learning to leave his agenda at the door and get on with running the country.

“However, Mr Turnbull admitted a republic is less an issue now than it was at the time of the last referendum.
“All of us have to be pragmatic in acknowledging it’s not something that keeps most of us awake at night,” he told Saturday’s audience.”
While Turnbull may seem to be wanting to fill his agenda and become the Head of State in the role of ‘President of Australia’, it seems he has given up on it for some time, and should he be right about the timing of a plebiscite, then he would be well gone should the opportunity of Head of State arise.

However, he could show more enthusiasm for the running of the country. With the Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook due the day after his speech, should he really have been speaking about a topic far from the interests of Australia or should he be ensuring that Australia maintains its AAA credit rating?

Whatever the outcome, The Australian reader ‘Rick’ was certainly right when he said:
It might be a good idea to keep the monarchy going - we could need a dismissal down the track...”

However, on the other side of politics, Bill Shorten tweeted this:

Climate change, marriage equality, housing affordability, now Republic too hard for Turnbull. Time for the PM to lead his party, not follow.

What is worrying is that he places Climate Change, Marriage Equality and a Republic at the top of the most important issues at hand for our country. This explains why he isn’t Prime Minister. Hasn’t he learnt from his experience at the election? The majority of people don’t care about those minor issues. They want to live in a country which can sustain itself economically. They want a country where they can have a secure job, get a good education and not be run to the ground with tax and debt.

Despite the laughably implied importance of these issues, it is pleasing to see that Turnbull has put down the issue of a republic, at least for now. Now, hopefully, we can try to get Australia back on track and keep the country running, at least for a little longer.

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