Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Turnbull backs down on opinion polls

Turnbull has turned back on effectively, the reason he came into governance, Opinion Polls. Following fairly low opinion polls, Turnbull claimed that Tony Abbott was unfit to lead and provided no economic leadership. Well, despite that being untrue, the fact is that Turnbull dismissed Abbott, in a way, based on the opinion polls of the day. Now that Turnbull has low polls, he is defending himself by stating that opinion polls are ‘unreliable’. He said that the wrong polls in the case of Brexit and Trump’s election prove that opinion polls. He said that the only important poll is that on polling day.

This recent statement is illustrating that Turnbull is still set on being Prime Minister, his ego-maniacal sense is still in him, although, admittedly, fading somewhat.

So, he has proven that the ousting of Abbott was on a false basis, set on quicksand. Shouldn’t Turnbull then give Abbott at least a portfolio? Put him back into a position that he earned and deserves?

Well, no matter what happens, Turnbull keeps amazing with his hypocritical statements, like this one, and is proving that the ego-maniac is not ready to give up leadership yet.
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Turnbull says opinion polls can't be trusted anymore

While making his statements, Turnbull also took on his political enemies, calling out Bill Shorten for his ‘shameless lies’. At least Turnbull can still do something. While he may not be doing much, maybe Turnbull is improving. Maybe he is tackling the opposition in a way that can put the Liberal party back on its legs. We will have to wait and see, and as Turnbull so correctly said, wait until polling day, for everything else is simply filler that is incorrect and shouldn’t be used as to base political decisions or reforms. Maybe Turnbull has learnt to run the country not to get elected again, but to run the country?

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