Monday, 19 December 2016

Peter Fitzsimons illustrates himself as a hypocritical fool.

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55 year old Fitzsimons called a Sout African official a 'gorilla'
 On national television, Peter Fitzsimons called a black sports official a “gorilla”.  On national Television. Two years ago, Peter Fitzsimons condemned a 13 year old girl after she called Adam Goodes at an AFL game an ‘ape’. After being portrayed the face of racism for many months, this young and innocent girl faded into the depths of media hype until now. While Fitzsimons was quick to realise his mistake, his blunder illustrates how certain rules apply to him and his leftist companions only.

Why was a 13 year old girl not allowed mention an ‘ape’ in front of a AFL payer but Fitzsimons can call a South African a ‘gorilla’? Why do certain rules apply in certain circumstances?

Now, I am not calling the 13-year-old girl innocent, but she certainly isn’t guilty. And 55-year-old Fitzsimons, 42 years older than the girl, should have known better. He after all, knows the standards, doesn’t he? He is the one who call’s other out on their blunders. Well, for Fitzsimons, this is a wake-up call. Maybe he should review who he calls out on for their blunders, because no one is free of the guilt.

Lastly, as Andrew Bolt so correctly commented: "If he were a 13-year-old girl from a broke home he'd be crucified."

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