Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Trump breaks through the polls

Trump has today beaten Hillary Clinton in the Washington Post-ABC news poll tracking. The polls stated Trump is on 46%, as opposed to Clinton’s 45%.

Image result for trump and hillaryWhile this may be a minor lead, it is his first time leading Clinton nationally since May. This comes as a huge relief to the Trump camp, with the election so close. Should these polls continue, and Trump’s lead lengthen, Clinton will be in trouble. To accommodate with this disastrous turn of events for Clinton, she has increased the advertising, bombarding email servers with advertisements and urging followers to increase their payment amounts, and frequency.

Political experts suggest that the lead could be even bigger than currently thought. They say that people may be ‘scared’ to suggest their support for Trump, even online. Providing this doesn’t continue on election day, Trump may have more followers than he thought, and Clinton’s email scandal isn’t giving her any favours. Had this continuation into her case by the FBI come any closer to election day, the result could be even more disastrous for Clinton.

All said and done, the polls will likely be neck-and-neck until election day.

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