Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Rudd takes his revenge after losing his bid to be the Australian UN representative

Kevin Rudd has swiped at Malcolm Turnbull about the proposed asylum seeker laws, saying that Turnbull is bowing down to a “Hansonite insurgency”, the Hansonite being those supporting Pauline Hanson, or those of the far right. He says that these laws are pandering to the mad right.

Image result for kevin ruddThis is his first major interruption into Australian politics since his celebrated departure from Australia, and are breaking the tradition of prime ministers keeping from criticising their successors, but Rudd is going all out, in a bid to take his revenge for his denial of the position of Australian representative for UN Secretary-General.

The fact is, Turnbull is doing the right thing, and, while Rudd may see it as bowing down to the ‘Hanosonite’, it is a step that should have been taken earlier. And, furthermore, the cornerstone of the Liberal party is the ‘hanosoite’, so the ‘hanosoite’ voted him in, and therefore, as the majority of the population, deserve this. Just like Rudd made moves that the right didn’t like, Turnbull is making a move that isn’t appreciated by the far left, like Rudd, and he should stop whining about it, for it won’

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