Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Love Trumps Hate… or not

Image result for love trumps hate protesters violent firesWhen the Democrats take to the streets, most university students who would take any opportunity to complain, you can’t take them seriously. And what’s more, they take the opportunity to say that they are ‘campaigning’ for ‘love and care’. For an America that cares for everyone. The hypocrisy is unreal. To further their idiocy, they wouldn’t be able to tell you why they don’t want Trump in the White House (something that, despite their dystopian efforts, they can’t change), apart from the generic ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ answers that seem to come straight from the media.

For a caring nation, you need some people that don’t want to burn their flag in anger, you need a nation that won’t go and write hate speech, the very opposite of care, for a future president. You need a nation that won’t take to the streets in a move that they claimed Trump supporters would make after their foretold loss. You need a nation that won’t go out and smash police cars, the cars of those that look out for them. You need a nation that won’t set fire to cars that just happened to lay in their path. That won’t block up the traffic in their own little tantrum. These wimps, these whingers are the epitome of pre-schoolers. They want everything their way. These little children, who act like two-year-olds, ridiculed Trump, just weeks ago, for saying that he may not accept the result of the election, stating that it was rigged. Now, they do the same, just worse. They won’t accept the democratic procedure that got Trump elected. They are doing what they complained Trump would do, just worse. And the supposed Love that Clinton would bring isn’t evident in their hateful eyes, filled with the light of the car that their fellow ‘comrades’ set on fire. Are they proud of their actions? Are they happy that they are fighting the supposed ‘hate’ that Trump brings with more hate, with actions that could be called terrorist? When, this year, they stood with solidarity in their streets, saying they stood with the families who had lost loved ones in 9/11, did they realise that months later, they would be on the same streets, protesting in that same hateful manner that brought down the Twin Towers? Now, in no way are these protestors meaning to kill, or have the same intentions as those terrorists that caused 9/11, but they do have a hateful spirit that could be called terrorism.

And it is terrorism. Terrorism is “the unofficial or unauthorised use of violence or intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”
What these protestors are using violence, unauthorised, in pursuit to get their political aims. WHY IS IT ALLOWED TO CONTINUE?

Image result for trump towers protestSecondly, their reasons are reasons fed by the media. A fire spread by the bias of the media. The generic answers they give about Trump’s racism, about Trump’s misogyny, are robotic answers that come from all, copied from media giants who hold biased opinions about Trump. They aren’t informed, but instead, given half the facts, given the facts that suit the agenda of the leftist media.

Lastly, these protestors, only weeks ago, were complaining that Trump supposedly wouldn’t accept the outcome of the election should he lose. Now, the tables are turned. Hillary is last, Hillary lost, and they are the ones that can’t accept the result of the election. They are the little pre-schoolers that can’t accept something democratic and fair.

The protests that riddle America in wake of Trumps victory are the acts of hypocritical people who can’t stop complaining about a democratic process that only weeks ago, they were for. These terrorist actions must stop. The Hillary supporters that are protesting are hypocrites who, while holding “Love Trumps Hate’ signs, are the very thing that is dividing America.

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