Wednesday, 23 November 2016

2 more weeks. Politicians really are more lazy than we expected.

Image result for parliament houseThat’s right, the parliament that represents you, the working people of Australia (well most of you), is starting their holiday break in just under two weeks.  The people that run the country are just going to let us run further into the ground while they set up their Christmas trees. Do they realise that some people are working in cafes even on Christmas day? The people they tax are working more than they do. The people you pay for not only get paid more than you but work less too. Some even decided to take a few days off, like the devastating moment when the 1-seat leading government lost in the House of Representatives because some people you pay for decided to rest a bit, and now they get some more rest.

Why do politicians get such little work. They had a few weeks off at the election, where Australia was not controlled by anyone. Now, the politicians decide to go away and let the country run its own course while they watch from the side lines. They may not realise it, while they party through the night, but they do less work than the average Australian, get paid more than the average Australian and enjoy longer Christmases. While people in shops dream of Christmas coming early, those in Parliament house have it. This is why Australia is losing its money. This is why Australia is losing its industries, because the people in the top jobs are having it easy, while the ones lower down the classes scramble to earn a living for themselves and their families.

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