Friday, 14 October 2016

Vanessa de Largie shows the unfairness of the modern world

In a world where Section 18C can be enforced, you never know what you can say, but this quote by Vanessa de Largie shows that the unfairness of the real world means that some people can say some things more than others can.

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Feminist Vanessa de Largie supposedly speaks for all female
victims of domestic violence, yet she wishes Kardashian was killed.
Yet, I have a confession to make. When I heard the news that Kim Kardashian West had been gagged and robbed at gunpoint in her private Paris apartment last week, my first thought was: Why couldn’t they have killed her?

Can you imagine the outrage and bitterness that would have erupted had Donald Trump said that? The headlines would be all over that quote, yet when this female writer on the women’s section of the Daily Telegraph writes it, it manages to keep itself hidden, as if nothing had ever been said. Had Abbott said this, the Daily Telegraph would have printed pages of the sexism, hate and arrogance that Abbott possessed because of this quote, yet the Daily Telegraph printed this themselves. You have to wonder, who are the editors of the Daily Telegraph, and what are they doing, and further, can this be considered as hate speech? Who really is Vanessa de Largie.

Now, I am not a Kardashian supporter. I had to search up how to spell the name. She is not a person I am particularly familiar with, and I certaintly don’t keep up with the Kardashians. I just don’t know why some people can say some things, but others can’t. Aren’t we meant to live in a world where everything is fair, and just in the world. Had a male commentator said this, they would have been labelled sexist, mysognist, the list goes on, yet this de Largie manages to write this without a scrape. She is probably being patted on the back for her brilliant work, and de Largie is very lucky the affairs of a Kardashian isn’t front-page news.

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