Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Presidential Debate raising eyebrows all over the world

The 2nd Presidential Debate was rigid with excuses and aberrations, but who really won, and are there any other aspects that put the judges in charge of the debate, in more than the one proper sense.

Image result for 2nd presidential debateWhether or not Trump won the debate is irrelevant. There was a clear bias towards Clinton, but only from the judges. The audience often cheered for Trump, to which the judges made sure to silence, however, upon cheers for Clinton, the judges remained silent, clearly showing their alliances. However, it didn’t stop there. The judges gave Clinton extra time, taking up to one minute before interrupting her, however, Trump was stopped within seconds of breaching the 2 minute time limit. Possibly even more detrimental to Trump was the fact that Trump was refused permission to refute what Clinton was saying, which was in fact scandalous, but on the next question, Clinton was allowed to answer back to what Trump said. This is clear evidence that Trump was never, and will never be on a level playing field with the media and leftist people in control of the release of news to the world, essentially, the fuel for the Republican hating press.

Image result for 2nd presidential debateTo add to this clear bias, when asked to compliment each other on one thing,  Clinton answered that she respected Trump’s children, showing a good side to Trump. She then went on to repeat her policies, and stated why people should vote for her. The judges made no comment at this change of subject, or at the fact that she took 2:24 to say this. Had Trump said this, it would have been an outrage in the leftist news, people would have pounced, made an example of how this shows how bad Trump is, and would have kept the Trump hating at a maximum level. The hypocrisy is unbelievable, and will not stop tainting the US Presidential debates or election.

Image result for trump's childrenBut still, Clinton, in her last answer, proved who she really is. A person who can’t acknowledge her enemies, and certainly won’t compliment them. When asked what she respected in Trump, she said his children. I hate to point it out, but her children aren’t Trump, and she didn’t compliment him, although the compliment may have run indirectly to her. Trump however, complimented her directly, and showed his character.

Anyhow, the Presidential campaign is one rife with bias and challenges for both sides, but are the candidates really on a level playing field, and are polls being affected by this bias? We can only wait and see, but for Trump, it looks like the challenge isn’t getting easier.

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