Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The New York Times once again tilts the scales

The NYT continued to show their bias towards Clinton with their article.
The New York Times today published a section in their paper entitled
‘All the People, Places and Things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter since declaring his candidacy for President’

Where is the insults Clinton has given to those who supported Trump, to Trump himself? Hillary isn’t a clean person, she has insulted, she has offended, it isn’t just Trump. So where is the 6000 words of Hillary’s insults. While, granted, she may not have used as many strong words as Trump, she may not have struck up as many insults, they are there and they shouldn’t be ignored. But I suppose that the media will stand in the way of anyone they don’t approve of, especially Trump, as we have already seen, and as Wikileaks has already highlighted.

How is the media getting away with this so easily? Where is a source of news that isn’t so tainted or biased. Where is the share of news that poses the situations on an even playing field, instead of forcing Trump to fight an uphill battle? This unfairness is so obvious, and so obviously harming Trump.

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