Monday, 10 October 2016

Clinton's supporters 'expected' to 'step-up' and donate to the campaign for the wealthy Clinton.

This was a message sent by Robby Mook, the advertisement officer for Clinton, urging people to donate;

Friend --

I’ll be honest -- I’m getting really worried that our fundraising is lagging for the third month in a row. We missed our digital fundraising goal in August. Then we missed it by a bigger margin in September. Now we’re just six days into October, and we’re already more than $100,000 off pace.

At the same time, the Trump campaign says they're nearing 3 million individual donors -- while we're stuck at 2.6 million. While our team is falling behind, his supporters are stepping up. That is a really dangerous combination.

We’re not going to panic -- no “bedwetting” here, as some commentators like to call it. Instead, we’re going to show up for Hillary, get our team into gear, and get our fundraising back on track -- or we’re going to find out what happens when we hand Donald Trump a dangerous advantage.

We’ve set a must-hit goal of raising $7 million before Hillary’s second debate with Donald Trump on Sunday -- that’s the number we absolutely need to reach to get back on track, and we need 16 people from your area to step up today to get there. Can you help right now? When you make your first donation (you haven’t stepped up yet!), we’ll send you a free Team Hillary sticker as a thank you.
You’re one of our most committed supporters. If you've saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately:

I replied to his email saying this;


I won't pretend, I don't support anything Hilary says, and I support Donald Trump, so you've said that I am one of your most committed supporters, when all I did was follow Clinton to see what garbage she was feeding her supporters. Now, I have nothing against you, nor Clinton, but what Clinton says, that is the problem. So I think you should stop pretending to your supporters, that you know about them, that you can make a meaningful connection.

And to add to this, I believe your advertising would be more successful if you were not to put your followers down. They have gone to the trouble to follow Clinton, and try to support her, and you expect more that a vote to get her into the White House. You said
'you still haven't stepped up yet'

If your followers feel subjected to the thought that they 'have' to give, then your 2.6 million won't grow. People don't have to give the already wealthy Clinton more than a vote. Isn't that what she is trying to get people to do? Trump hasn't needed anything like what Clinton has needed, so Clinton should step up herself, and give some of her own money to the campaign, to prove that she is up to the challenge, and with the people on this.

This is absolutely true. Clinton has the money to support her campaign, yet she still expects all followers to donate. Isn't the vote enough? 

This just proves who Hilary Clinton really is.