Monday, 12 September 2016

The break they needed

The Liberal Party was desperate for a break, from their failure in the House of Representatives that they won on the July 2 election this year. When three MP’s ignored their duties to the nation, when they ignored the promise they made to their electorate that they would serve with distinction. I hardly call skipping work serving with distinction.
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But beside this, the Liberal Party was a shambles. Turnbull has run off, glad he is free from the confinement of the conservative party room, making money-spending announcements everywhere. And the loss of control of the House of Representatives hardly showed strength in the government, which Turnbull claims has the majority of power.

So when Sam Dastyari was caught being backed by some wealthy Chinese businessmen, the Liberal Party could rejoice. Shanghai Sam has asked some Chinese companies, with links to the Chinese Communist Government, to pay his travel expenses and other fees that he needed payed. To add to this, he was given a top of the range Grange, (Wine) equivalent, or even better, than the one that Barry O’Farrell received, that ended his time as Premier of New South Wales, Shanghai Sam’s own state. Surely Shanghai Sam could have learnt from Barry’s mistakes? Or maybe not.

Image result for barry o'farrellThe oath that Dastyari made upon his election into the Senate all stands for nothing. Sam couldn’t give a damn about the allegiance he purported he had to Australia. He’s proved that, and any donations to charity can’t change what he did by receiving money from a foreign party. And the supposed ‘Cash for Talk’ ideology that Turnbull claims has laid siege to this situation, is probably right. Why else, would an outside interest donate to Sam Dastyari. Major companies don’t donate expecting nothing in return. There is a deeper meaning to this situation, and one that Sam is desperate to hide.

Sam deserved to lose his place t the front bench, and lost the Labour Party’s control of the House of Representatives, for the spotlight is now on the Labour Party, and we’re all waiting for the next stuff-up.

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