Friday, 9 September 2016

Democratic procedures unknown to the Baird Government

With the forced council amalgamations getting into their later stages for the Baird Government, the breaking of democratic promises is becoming more visible. 300 kilometres from Macquarie Street, just past Orange, a town is being forced into this undemocratic procedure that has riveted the state, and Mike Baird’s ‘voice’ that he said this procedure was full of, is as desolate as a well in the desert.  This all came out when a caller rang Alan Jones on Friday, expressing her distaste and disgust at the conduct of operations in her area.

Image result for mike baird amalgamationsDictator Baird, as the Lane Cove’s TWT likes to call him, stated that this procedure of council amalgamations would be full of people having their say, and affecting the democratic procedures, as is the essence of democracy, but instead, people have to act like students in a classroom, and get treated like a group of incompetent young children, unable to speak for themselves.

In this town outside Orange, they are holding a no-confidence vote in their local amalgamated council, and hope to change the result of the amalgamation. Before they were amalgamated, government officials (paid by you, the taxpayer) were sent out to find the voice of the area. Unfortunately, they stamped out the voice, with a set of procedures planned to stop people giving their view.

To get to a meeting to express your view, you had to register, as if you were a child in school. Then, if you wanted to express your view, you had to register further. The citizens were subjected to further restrictions, though. They were only allowed to have 3 minutes to express their view.

It comes to no surprise when they find out on the day of the meeting, that due to an overload of people simply wishing to express their view and opinion, in a democratic and fair way, the citizens had only 2 minutes to express their view, due to the fact that ‘under law, we cannot hold a meeting more than 2 hours’.

Further into the meeting, they told people that due to the time restrictions, and the amount of people left, people that had had what they were going to say, had to sit down, and couldn’t express their view. A fair view the officials were going to get. I am sure, that every citizen there would have been happy to stay for 4 hours, if that is what it took to express their view, to aid their cause, as w=every person has the right to do.

But maybe because the government officials weren’t having their democratic rights taken, or because they needed their ‘well deserved’ lunch or coffee break, they had to stop the meeting. I am sure they reported back to Dictator Baird with a ‘wide range of views from the community’. No doubt, they changed the views while they were at it. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference, the harm was done. Not only has the forced amalgamations taken away the democratic rights of people that voted in the Baird Government, but the process and carrying out of the process is a disrespectful and illegitimate one that disregards the people’s view who Baird is supposed to serve,.

Baird was elected in through democratic means, and is now ignoring those democratic means. Should he really be in Macquarie Street? I suppose he is better than the Labour party, who would no doubt bring in the dangerous ‘Safe Schools Scheme’, but we have to wonder, does the Baird Government deserve their position?

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