Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Turnbull's ministry fails the conservative base

Malcolm Turnbull smiles as he arrives at Government House
Malcolm Turnbull at Government House
After a crushing victory, where Turnbull managed to just scrape by, losing around 14 seats that Tony Abbott fought for at the 2013 election. After key plotters lost their seats like Peter Hendy and Wyatt Roy, Turnbull doesn’t seem to have gotten the message. The conservative base that the liberal party is there to serve wants to see Abbott raised to Prime Minister again, or at least into the ministry, but being the self-conscious egomaniacal politician that he is, he won’t listen to his base, and he will just have to learn again at the next election, if he makes it that far.

The ministry is the biggest since Paul Keating, and Turnbull seems to have stuffed it up. The Health minister is still in her position, Small Business has been moved to the outer ministry and Abbott has no position in the ministry.

The Health Minister
Barnaby Joyce is sworn in at Government House.
Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister is sworn in
Sussan Ley managed to snatch back her portfolio of Health after failing her election campaign. While the Labour party campaigned ruthlessly to ‘save’ Medicare, in the Medi-scare campaign, but the silence was deafening on the Liberal side, and more particularly, no response was made from the Department of Health, or if there was one, it was too weak to combat anything the Labour Party pulled out of the hat.

Small Business
For a government that proclaims that small business will grow into big business, and will provide ‘growth and jobs’, it doesn’t seem so important after the election to Turnbull. Actually, it isn’t important enough to be included in the biggest ministry since the Keating era, so was Turnbull lying, or is he uncommitted to Small Business, traditionally the cornerstone of the Liberal Party base and the cornerstone of the economy and economical growth. Turnbull really seems to have stuffed up the election campaign. After making a big deal over the Australian Building and Construction Commission, he failed to mention it in his campaign, and then, after using his three word slogan (which he said he wouldn’t use) ‘jobs and growth’, he fails to make it a major portfolio, and makes it part of the junior ministry. Turnbull either needs to be kicked out, or kick out his advisors.
Sussan Ley has kept her portfolio of Health

The Abbott deal
Tony Abbott is a former Prime Minister, a position Malcolm Turnbull wouldn’t have a clue how to win (we’ve seen that at this election campaign) yet Abbott, the man that Turnbull got all of his policies from, fails to arrive at a portfolio. There were many opportunities for Abbott to arrive in ministry. The Health Department. Sussan Ley failed at this election, and was part of the loss of so many seats. She failed to rebut the lies proposed by the Labour party, yet she still stays in her portfolio. Turnbull is trying to avoid harming any other members of the Party. Instead of putting Abbott into a portfolio he deserves, he shoves him at the back of the party, too scared to let him loose. He has already upset most of the party, and doesn’t want to upset the party further, but by taking this weak route, he is actually upsetting the base of the Liberal Party. Those who voted for Abbott in 2013, and only voted Liberal this year because Australia can’t afford to fall into Labour hands.

Abbott did earn the position of Prime Minister. He would have won this election, would have won by more than Turnbull, and would have been a democratically elected prime minister, not a cheating backstabbing liar who doesn’t stand for any of the traditional Liberal values. Turnbull didn’t earn the position of Prime Minister, Tony Abbott did, and Turnbull is just riding the back of the Abbott wave. Maybe Turnbull will learn at the next election. That is, of course, if he makes it that far.

So Turnbull’s ministry is really a stuff-up. There are no real conservative liberals, the Turnbull backers, the left of the liberal party, are in the ministry, and only few in the ministry really deserve the position they are in. Other Turnbull-backers paid a high price for backing him, losing their seat at this election. Maybe Wyatt Roy and Peter Hendy will be more-wise in their choice in future, or even better, leave politics and leave us alone!


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