Thursday, 7 July 2016

Turnbull is full of excuses

Really, it didn’t matter that Tony Abbott’s polls were low. As usual, Malcolm had an excuse at the ready, his hand poised at the ready to rip up the election papers. The polls were so low for Abbott, that there was no saving him, and apparently, he was taking the Liberal party down. Well, that’s Turnbull’s take on it anyway, but you wouldn’t want that take, with its evil, egomaniacal kaleidoscope of ideas.
Tony Abbott had been low in the polls for months, but that
didn't call for a leadership spill, unless you're an
egomaniac like Turnbull.

As usual, Turnbull would do anything to get in power. Just two days before the Canning by-election, which happened to co-inside with the 2-year mark for Abbott in office. Turnbull knew that the by-election would go in Abbott’s favour, and that the candidate, Andrew Hastie, would get in easily, but Turnbull didn’t want other people to know this, and in fact wanted people to think the opposite, so he used the two party preferred polls at the time, putting Shorten in front of Abbot, and took the leadership for himself, with his gang of bed wetters, those traitors including Julie Bishop, the failed candidate Wyatt Roy, Scott Morrison, Christopher Pyne and company.  So, Turnbull managed to get less votes than the polls suggested Abbott would, but of course, now the polls weren’t aligned with Turnbull’s ideas, they had no significance, and the bed wetters went along with it, like the mindless zombies that they are.

So, he was ready to be undemocratic and rip up the election papers that voted in Tony Abbot as prime minister, not the idiot Turnbull. So, after this, his stupid advisors, including Tony Nutt, decided to let the honeymoon run on, until his 6 months were up, and the Australians were getting sick of his uselessness. He had not given the communication or economic narrative that he had promised, proving that he was a worthless piece of cells that should have been dumped then, but no. He kept his gig up, spending millions on unneeded submarines that we’ll get in twenty or so years, when he’s well and truly out of politics. So, after his honeymoon is over, and the media is starting to turn on him like he turned on Abbott, he decides to call an election over a minor issue he found no interest in previously, until he found that it could help him to complete his political agenda that focused on himself, and not the country.

So, the ABCC could serve Turnbull a ticket to a double dissolution. Sure, I agree that the intention was in the right place, had he not been an egomaniac who wanted to prove how good he was, and how much the Australian people are in love with him, or not.

It turned out that the Australian people are very much sick of him, but we’re stuck with him unless someone else knocks him of his holy cloud of glory.

Malcolm Turnbull emerging from the party room after winning
the Liberal Leadership Spill. Traitor Julie Bishop is at his side.
Anyway, he was in his own cloud of wonder and glory, basking in his own greatness, not noticing that the public was sick of him. But he convinced the public that the ABCC was an important part of the running of the country, and we have no doubt that it is a necessary part of the building industry, yet he seemed to lose interest in it, like a spoilt child with too many presents at Christmas. The day after he got his present (in this case, the double dissolution and the ABCC used to get there) he is sick of it, and places it down, ignoring it for the rest of its days. In his campaign, he forgot to mention the so important ABCC, and in this way, proved that this was just another excuse to fulfil his political agenda.

So, now what will be next? Maybe he’ll have an excuse to knock Abbott fully out of the rim for the prospective prime ministerial office. Maybe he’ll call for another election. Maybe he’ll dodge the plebiscite that he formerly hated, the sky is the limit. So, lets just wait and see what’s next on Turnbull’s political agenda, but even better, maybe, just maybe, he’ll be kicked out of the prime ministerial position, and Abbott can replace him, and be put right back where he belongs.


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