Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The NSW Labour Party seems to give idiocy a new definition

Image result for luke foleyThe Labour Party managed to define idiocy again yesterday. We thought it could get no worse, but they were off again, racing ahead, wining the title of the stupidest party in the state. How they can make such idiotic statements bewilders us, but they seem to find it okay. Well, then again, it is the Labour party. What could we expect?

Well, I haven’t told you what they’ve done, have I? They claimed that, after wining the 2019 NSW election, they will reinstate the Greyhound industry. Well, after two years of no greyhound racing, people will move on. Racers will either move their dogs to other states, or move into another industry, so after two years of dormancy, the Labour party believes that everything can go back to normal? They believe that all the racers will come back to NSW? That the industry will keep the financial asset it is currently? Surely they can’t be that stupid? Well, they are the Labour party. I ask again, what could we expect?

Image result for greyhound racing
After two years of silence on the tracks, the Labour Party plan to
reinstate the industry to eager racers. Not.
So, lets get this right. The Labour party will reinstate the greyhound industry, so the people who have stopped racing for two years will eagerly go back to racing. Sure, those minor racers, those who do greyhound racing as a hobby, they might join the industry again, but those major racing companies, those who focus on the racing, they can’t wait two years for the industry to open up, which isn’t even definite yet. The major racers will not come back, and the industry’s wealth, the financial asset that it is to the state, will not be the same. Not only will it take a long time for it to start up again, but the industry will never the same, financially, and the major racers will not be as strong in NSW as previously, knowing that, should a Liberal government take control again, it would be likely for the industry to be closed off again.

So, lets see what has happened here. The Labour party is taking up its usual stance, the blocking stance, and has decided that after two years of death, the industry can rise from six foot under and become great again. Such idiocy is why the Liberal government is in power now, and why, hopefully, the Liberal government will win the 2019 election.

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