Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Islamic Community calls out on Hansen, yet the contradiction is unreal.

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Pauline Hansen has some controversial views (and good ones)
On Wednesday night, we had members of the Islamic Community coming out and complaining about the views of Pauline Hansen. These claims varied from calling for her to be removed from the Senate to calling her racist. Oh yes, the old racist call. It’s easier to call racist then to examine what actually is racist, from a modern perspective, and what is just an opinion that deserves hearing. Yet the contradiction is amazing, and the double standards are unreal.

While Hansen’s comments may be viewed as racist, they are the views of a few people in every electorate, so there is an undeniable following behind Pauline Hansen. But where was the Islamic community when Turnbull hosted a feast at the end of the Islamic Ramadan celebrations? Nowhere to be seen. So, these left Islamic community members are there when a right wing political personality makes a comment, but when a notorious idiot, whose comments in the past have been disgusting, is invited to the Prime Minister’s table, they seem to have lost their voice. This just shows that they don’t really care about the depth of the racial discrimination in the comments of Pauline Hansen (and I’m still not convinced she’s said anything racist, just fact), but want to fulfil their agenda of taking down right-wing individuals standing up for what Australian’s believe, no matter how small the minority.

So lets go to the disgusting man whom made some disgusting discriminating and hurtful comments about gay people, and these lefties would be all over gay people, like ants over sweets. This Islamic member stated that ‘gay people are like a disease, spreading a disease and that they should be executed’. He also stated that ‘Women should be hung from the breasts’. Now, in the 21st century, surely these comments are highly disrespectful, and the claimer should be held accountable, but oh no. These people who were so aggravated by Pauline Hansen’s so called racist comments didn’t touch him! And, maybe that is because he was also Islamic? Maybe, these members of the Islamic community didn’t want to touch this highly placed Islamic leader? And maybe, just maybe, they aren’t affected by comments against women. Maybe they aren’t affected by comments against gays, and maybe they aren’t affected by comments deemed racist, but just want to pull down Pauline Hansen like they did to Tony Abbott.
On the other hand, these Islamic community members aren’t affected by comments against women, because it’s part of the Islamic culture to abuse women, and aren’t affected by the comments against gays because they aren’t gay, but when a comment is directed towards them, when a comment is actually directed at people like them, it does hurt. Maybe they are insolent people who don’t care about comments about other people, just about them, and they don’t care how other people are affected by comments, it’s just about them. Now, I’m not saying that gays are good, although they certainly shouldn’t be executed.  Why should an innocent member of the community, although taking the immoral high ground, be killed? Because it is part of the Islamic extremism culture? Surely we can move away from these disgusting words and extradite anyone who makes these comments?

So, these commentators either only care about comments directed towards them, or just want to get Pauline Hansen out of the Senate because it doesn’t align with their views. Either way, these commentators of the Islamic community have an agenda, and they shouldn’t be tainting the Muslim culture with their bias and one-sided ways.

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