Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Debt can be eliminated, just the politicians don't want you to know that

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The Turnbull Government has proposed a 10-year plan for Australia, which, at the end of the day, will be unlikely to pass the Senate. The changes that the Turnbull government has proposed will not take flight, and Australia will be likely to increase its debt from its current position, at half a trillion dollars. Politicians at the crow’s nest can see America in its sights, and they are doing nothing to turn the ship around.
We’ve done some calculations, and worked out that all debt in Australia could be reduced in one year if all of the 24 billion people in Australia paid $20 each week to the government. This equals roughly $1040 a year. This extra pay would go solely to paying off the debt. Now, this isn’t perfect, so we’ve lowered the 24 billion people to 15 billion, the amount of people who voted in this year’s election. So, say half a trillion dollars, divided by 15 billion equals $33 dollars a week, and equals to roughly $1716 a year. Now, say this hits Australian’s too hard, and we want to fix the debt in 2 years. Well, then divide 1716 by 2, and you have $858 a year. All debt gone. Okay, so Turnbull is fixated with a 10-year plan, as if they will stay in government that long. Well, 1716 divided by 10 equals $171.60 a year.

Why have politicians not focused on this? Lets say the Liberal party forms government, and is able to pass anything in the Senate. Well, then, its best to take the 1-year option, as a ten-year plan is unrealistic, and the debt will just grow. So, we’ve eliminated all debt. Why are politicians not implementing this? I’m sure that if Australians were asked if they could solve the debt in Australia by paying just $1716 a year. Then, taxes will be relaxed, we can keep our triple A credit rating, and life goes easy, right. Well, until the Lefties get into government.

Now, we’ll skip the maths lesson, but think about it. The Budgets are complex, and really don’t make a difference. We even had to subject ourselves to put the Budgets in categories, soft budgets and hard budgets, and unfortunately, the majority of budgets made by inexperienced Treasures are soft budgets, that are election winning budgets. Ones without tax increases that are needed to put the country back on track. But as I’ve just shown, there needn’t be huge taxes, with our population numbers; the huge debt can be made small with everyone paying. If a government were to present a budget with just $1716 each year extra, then I reckon all Australians would be in favour, and it would be passed in the Senate, counting on the lefties to see the sense that they usually are incapable of seeing.