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The Australian Sex Party, a bunch of idiotic lefties

The Australian Sex Party
The Australian Sex Party
Now, let alone the stupid and off-putting name, the Australian Sex Party deserves to be scrapped. They believe in the separation of the so called ‘Church and State relationship’, believe in programs like the Safe Schools Program, and believe in cutting the funding for non-government and religious schools. They believe in the distribution of pornography where they use the word ‘ethical’ and believe that the detention centres on Nauru and other offshore processing centres should be taken down, and that refugees should come straight to Australia for residency, where they will be given education resources, free university etc. They want to change the so-called ‘out-dated’ constitution, and want to recognise Torre Strait and Aboriginal people as the owners of all Australia. They don’t believe in a harsh justice system and believe in the use of recreational drugs such as cannabis, ice and heroin. They would have fracking banned and have sex workers decriminalised, basically meaning that the adult industry would run free. They believe that all schools, including religious schools should not have religious youth workers.

As you can see, their ideas are dangerous and unhealthy for society. A modern and progressed society cannot run with this party holding seats in government. Lets go through the list in the first section of this post.

The Church and State Separation
The Australia Sex party believes that the Constitution is too attached to religion, and that the running of country and state is to ‘religion based’. They would have the state and the church separated, and have no links. We find this outrageous. Not only does the church and state have minimal relations, but they are part of Australia’s history. We are a colony of England, a country whose leader is the head of the Church of England, so we are a Church of England country, something we should be proud of. Sure, the immigrants are changing the balance of this fact, but that has no meaning. As a country, no matter if minority or majority, the Church of England religion is part of us, and having a political party try to change our national identity is stupid and ridiculous, proving how dangerous probing political parties can be.

Sexual Education
The ASP would have a national curriculum that would include information on all sexual orientations including choosing your sexual orientation (like it’s a dinner choice and you can change your mind at any time as you please). And would try to combat homophobia, consent of sex and the emotional aspect of sexual activities. This is no doubt part of their campaign in trying to reduce the stigma against the adult and pornography industry.

School Funding
This political party has a stigma against religion never seen before. This behaviour is totally unacceptable in the 21st century. For a party trying to create fairness in same-sex marriages, and trying to reduce the stigma for many activities, they certainly want to try and create a stigma against religions. So, their campaign of ‘no stigmas’ is totally flawed. They only want it when it suits them.  So, they believe that the government funds non-government schools too much. While this statement may be true, the intention of the ASP is totally wrong. They don’t believe in using this money to make better resources for Public Schools. Oh, no, they want to reduce this funding as these schools have too much of a religions affiliation. This party says that these schools exclude members of the community. This is totally incorrect and false. Most private schools with religions affiliations use halal food, against their religion. Are they excluding the Islamic religion practices? No! So the ASP is totally incorrect in this area.

The Adult Industry
The Australian Sex Party believes in the decriminalisation of Sex Work. They believe that the stigma against sex workers is not correct, and they would work to correct this ‘flaw in our society’. They believe that  the ethical production and distribution of erotica and pornography should occur, and they stated that they would work to make members of society educated consumers of porn. Such people should not be allowed into society. While some believe that the work of Pauline Hanson is racist and that she should be removed from politics (she is not racist and should not be removed from politics), this takes things to a whole new level. They obviously place this above other matters such as the economy, taxation and small business for their name to be the Australian Sex Party. This reiterates their flawed philosophy. They are more interested in reducing a stigma against those who are sex workers rather than reducing the half a trillion dollars of debt that we are in. And is the Adult industry really going to contribute that greatly to society or to the economy. In the first case, there is no chance that sex work, half of which is while someone (mostly men) is married. This is splitting up marriages and creating instability in people’s lives and relationships. How can this contribute to society in a positive way? And the economy isn’t going to be greatly affected by the adult industry. They could even be having a useless effect on the economy, which in our case, is a waste of political time and taxpayer money.

The ASP believes that the offshore detention centres Australia straight away. They believe that they should come right into the community, although they place emphasise on rural communities, and would be given free education, living areas etc, except it isn’t free for us taxpayers. It would mean that us taxpayers would have to fork out millions more, and most immigrants are not very skilled. Why should immigrants get free education when the education of the hard working, taxpaying Australians’ children should cost a fortune? So the immigrants come strolling into the country and get all the benefits that Australians have to pay for? As well as this, they want to increase the refugee intake from 13, 750 to 27, 500 a year. So not only will they offer immigrants housing and free education, they will bring more immigrants into the country, to line the skyline with high apartment blocks and skyscrapers. So the housing price will rise, because the demand will rise, so the taxpayers, already paying for others housing and education will have to pay even more for the housing. It sounds as if this party should be called the ATP. The Australian Tax Party. Because they really want to make more charges and tax for the taxpayers to pay for this.

Aboriginal People
The ASP believes that the Constitution is out-dated and needs redoing. They would have Indigenous people recognised as the owners of Australia and the land. They don’t elaborate much on this.

The ASP believes that the Justice System in Australia is going the wrong way, Instead of going to harsh penalties (harsh. Australia isn’t harsh), the ASP believes in reconciliation with criminals and victims and rehabilitation. We ask, where is the incentive for people to keep out of crime? If  criminals are going to be treated as if the judges are their mums, then what use is a justice system at all. The ASP’s way around justice is irrational and bears no sense.

Drug Use
The ASP believes in legalising currently illicit drugs
The ASP believes that the use of drugs should be legal. They argue that those who use drugs are not harmed mentally or physically. They say that they would create rooms for people to smoke drugs in. They say that the purchase of illicit drugs would be made legal, and that all drugs would be made legal. This is why the hospitals are full of violent youth who are high on ice? This is why we have an ice epidemic, because it creates no mental harms? These people are addicted to drugs, they have a drug dependency, and the ASP is idiotic enough to turn a blank eye and say ‘oh no! Mental harms? What are you talking about? They are fine!’. An addiction is a mental problem, and this needs to be addressed. This also links to their approach to justice.

So, we’ve seen the idiotic ideas of the Australia Sex Party, a party that doesn’t belong in Australian society. If you want to see more idiotic views from the ASP, you can go to their website here

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