Saturday, 9 July 2016

The AEC’s little holiday, or big one.

The AEC runs the counting of elections in Australia
In those days when we were waiting for the election result, many were wondering why the AEC Staff weren’t counting on Sunday. While there are many reasons why they should not count on Sunday, the pros of counting on Sunday outweigh the cons, and leaves us thinking here, why should we have had to wait until Tuesday to continue the counting?

There are many reasons why the counting needs to continue. Bolt said on the radio a few days ago with Chris Smith on 2GB that ‘we need action. We need a firm Government’. He stated that Australia is in slow decline. Now, these living standards won’t grow until we have ourselves out of debt with a strong and stable government. And having a lovely little holiday between counting isn’t going to get a result, or find out who’s going to lead the country, and if they can! I mean, its not as if we are demanding a lot! Once every three years! Sure, stop the counting at 10 on Saturday night. Start again on Sunday at 9, but we can’t wait for a result, and waiting for two days is just not going to cut it.

We are threatened with the taking away of our Triple A Credit Rating, and we need a stable government to get us back on track. I know that getting the result earlier isn’t going to change the result, but it can put many things in focus, and those marginal sears need to be worked out. Now it’s exactly a week since the election occurred, and the result was still blurry on Friday morning, although the victory of the Liberal party was the most likely result. On Thursday noon was the first update on marginal seats since Wednesday morning. A whole day of counting and nothing could be gained on the situation, causing media outlets to give out false information on the seats gained by different parties.

On the media outlets, this false information is keeping the public in the dark, and the media is meant to keep people out of the dark! Even our so ‘trusty’ media network that we pay for, the ABC (Australian Bias Communism Corporation) has been giving wonky figures. On Wednesday, they claimed that the Liberal Party had more seats than they did on Thursday! This estimation is not the job of the media. They are to deliver the facts to the public, and keep it that way: Facts!

But to the Cons of counting on Sunday, these are volunteers we are talking about. These people are giving their time to count for the decision of Australia. They worked until late on Saturday night, and we need to respect that they had the choice to help, but then on the other side, that is the key word. Choice. They had the choice, and we should make sure that that choice includes counting until the decision is made, until the election has been fully won. Sure, not everyone will count on the same day, but making that choice is the key, and we shouldn’t have to make people count. It should be a voluntary thing, but if necessary, we should have people count for an hour, or an amount of time at the place of polls where they voted. This would mean that every vote would be counted faster, and that way, we would find out a result in a few days. We wouldn’t even need every person. We could discount those with disabilities, those older than 60 (as that is being declared as the new ‘old’) and those in other countries. They wouldn’t have to travel very far, only to their nearest polling place, the same place on the day of the election, and we could have a result in a matter of days, not even.

It comes as suggestions for electronic voting have been made, and we will do a post on this tomorrow, but we can really work on the counting of votes in Australia, so, should we be in this position again (God help us), we will be able to find the answer soon, and we can stop this ridiculous state of limbo.

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