Monday, 4 July 2016

Playing the waiting game

As Malcolm Turnbull made his appearance early this morning at the Wentworth Hotel, in front of Liberal supporters young and old, as well as colleagues and the former Prime Minister, John Howard, he was all laughs on the outside, grinning as he made his way into the Liberal function he was expected at hours earlier. However, deep inside, Malcolm has failed, with a weak campaign, and a non-existent economic narrative he had promised in September last year.

Image result for malcolm turnbull on election nightChannel 7 cameras were positioned outside his front gates at Eastern Sydney, waiting for him to make his expected appearance, yet, as the numbers were crunched, and the seats calculated, it was discovered, the Coalition had lost many seats to the power of the Labour and Greens parties. How they were won, is clear enough, the Labour party and their so supportive unions went around claiming that Medicare was to be privatised under the Coalition Government, and the lies made their ways into belief. As many defeated Liberal candidates said, if lies are being rammed down your throat, one day, you’re going to believe them. So, that was the case in many states like Tasmania and New South Wales, but there seems to have been another factor, Malcolm’s ego, and his desire for power, that desire so strong, that he knifed a democratically elected sitting prime minister in the back, and took his place, wiping the blood from his hands as he did so, but on Sunday the 3rd of July, a day after the election, at 12:15 at night, Turnbull made his appearance, the former communications minister now a shadow of himself.

Image result for liberal partyThe star the media loved, that was the ‘saviour of the Liberal party’. The numbers man, the media man, the communicator, the one who could raise the numbers that Tony Abbott had seemingly lowered, made a shocking decision last night. He left his home at around 11:50, ten minutes before the start of a new day, and kept his party members and supporters waiting for six hours. His speech lacked the communication ability he had proclaimed he had. He declared that the race to the finish was so close due to Labour’s lies, and while this may have been partly true, it was not the full story. It was missing a part, like his so called ‘economic narrative’.

He knifed a leader that die-hard liberals, the backbone of the liberal supporters, loved. He followed in the footsteps of the Labour party, after saying months before in Question time to Tony Burke that ‘we (Coalition Government) are a united government’. He continued on to say that the ‘Labour party make the great mistake of seeing their opponents through the prism of their own disunity, imagining that we are as fractured a them [the Labour Party]. Imagining that we have dissention in our ranks as they did under the Labour government’ He went on. ‘This is the man that led Kevin Rudd over the cliff, into an abyss, where he stabbed him in the back. You have no credibility or integrity, Leader of the Opposition.’  Well, the hypocrite strikes again, but the waiting game, well, that was a mistake.

Integrity all right, there were worries that Malcolm wouldn’t even arrive at the Liberal function. Well, Malcolm, it was better late then never, but his speech, well, by golly, it was rubbish.
Alan Jones, on the Channel 7 commentary, said hat it was not the speech he would make if he were Turnbull’s speechwriter. It included the blame, an ungracious reaction to his trail to the abyss that he was speaking about early last year. He hardly thanked his volunteers, who had waited hours for his appearance, and worked many more handing out phaplets. Well, this leader doesn’t deserve to be there, and really lacks the credibility and integrity he boasted about last year.

Lets see hoe this election turns out, and how Malcolm faces a tough Senate and House of Representatives.


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