Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pauline Bashing the main sport on sunrise

Image result for pauline hansonOn Sunday morning, the Channel 7 morning program, Weekend Sunrise, reported on a story where Pauline Hansen receives 1.5 million dollars as a deal where she earned some seats in the Senate. They focused on Pauline, and failed to remind viewers that other parties, including the Greens, were receiving bigger payouts then Pauline. The Pauline bashing seemed to be replacing the sport that usually focuses on Tony Abbott, until their guest commentator pointed out the fact that other parties were receiving bigger payouts.

This commentator pointed out that the Greens are receiving in excess of $3,500,000. Well, they were complaining about Pauline’s 1.5 mill. What about the 3.5 mill that the greens receive? Forget about that did they? Or were they playing the media’s favourite game? The conservative bashing game, where they bash conservatives like a balloon at a children’s party. How pathetic, and no, I don’t believe that they just happened to forget about the Greens. They chose to channel the truth through their lying front teeth, to make viewers play the game too. I thought it was the media’s job to tell the viewers the truth. To express the whole story. Well, instead, they are acting like Bill Shorten in his recent election campaign. The one they were complaining about with the Medicare lies. Well, it seems as if they are playing his game.

So, what have we established? The media can’t be trusted to tell viewers the truth without channelling the story through their own leftist interests, and the conservative bashing game will be on next weekend. I’ll just view from the stands. Or maybe I don’t even have to go there! I just have to switch on Channel 7, or most other channel’s for that fact.

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