Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Medi-scare campaign scares those foolish enough to take Shorten’s bait

The Labour Party's irresponsible and incorrect campaign advertisments
The impossible election almost seemed to have been won by the Labour Party on Saturday night, but there were two reasons, one, we will delve into during this post. Malcolm Turnbull loved to protect his ego at his appearance at the Liberal Party Function during the early hours of Sunday 3rd of July when he laid the blame solely on the Medicare scam that the Labour party and the unions had run this election campaign, and this dirty campaign seemed to have robbed the Liberal Party of a few seats in Tasmania especially.

The Liberal Party was shocked at how many seats were lost in Tasmania, but there is a fundamental reason they overlooked in their ‘over relied on’ polls. The Medi-scare scam laid down by Bill Shorten and his useless, idiotic, half-baked, thick-skulled, imbecilic and lying party seems to be largely at fault for the Liberal loss in majorly unemployed states like Tasmania, because thousands of unemployed people rely on Medicare for free health. If the Medicare was to be privatised, or scrapped, then no more free health, and they would have no health benefits, which they need to keep healthy because they are unemployed. It is a never-ending circle, which left the Liberal party out, and kept the Labour party in the circle.

This could leave the Liberal party with a huge disadvantage, losing the seats they could have held if it weren’t for the Labour lies.

Image result for medicareBut to the Labour campaign, or the Labour lies, as that was all it was. The Labour campaign relied on two things. Same Sex Marriage, a shocking prospect, and Health. The lies being piled on by the Labour party were shocking, taking politicians to a new low, or was it? Labour has done this many times before, and I wonder if the Labour party has another Trump Card up their sleeves that could put the Liberal party on the rocks. But how can a prospective government lie to the public. If you are looking to land yourself in government, you need to tell the people the truth. A government cannot lie to its people, yet this is exactly what it has done. It has lied to the people of Australia, but reaped the rewards that the Liberal Party could have gained.

Now, we’ve focused on the Labour Parties lies, but what about the Liberal Party. I’ve already said that the Liberal campaign was a slack one, where Malcolm half-heartedly took around Australia, boring Australians out of their minds, where-as Bill Shorten’s enthusiasm and excitement excited voters, something that Malcolm just isn’t up for. But where was the Health minister, pointing out what I have just said? Where was she reassuring Australians that Medicare was safe? She wasn’t there, and I am amazed that she managed to hold onto her seat.

A prospective government managed to lie, and convince Australians that Medicare was to be scrapped by the Liberal party, and the Liberal Party just stood there, like a young boy being bullied by the big boys in the back alley, and if the trend keeps on going, then the Labour party will be the big boys with the big seat numbers, that Malcolm doesn’t deserve.

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