Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Malcolm’s running out of power, and not just on the surface. The traitors should be darned.

 tThose 54 traitors who voted against the Liberal democratically elected should be kicked out of the Liberal Party. If that is the best the Liberal Party has to offer (ie. Traitors against the core values of the Liberal Party) then we’ll have to find another party. Sure, it means finding 54 new politicians,, but there’s a lot of new talent rising through the ranks, and they don’t have that many seats to fill, do they? It’s not as if the Liberal party is having a hard time fitting all the seats in is it? Sorry, had to add that in.

But surely the liberals in the liberal party, those with the core values, the backbones, the real conservatives, surely they can see the sense in this proposition. And surely they can wield enough power, along with the Nationals (whom, by the way, the Liberal Party wouldn’t be in power if it weren’t for them) to kick them out? Well, anyhow, Turnbull has no power left. As he liked to point out in his speech yesterday, he is the leader, the Prime Minister who takes all responsibility. Well, we’ll go into depth later, but for now, lets stick to the topic. The power the supposed ‘leader’ wields is running out. Not only has he got a tiny majority he can’t do anything with, he can’t do anything without being judged by the media and his fellow colleagues, but that’s the smallest of his problems right now. He doesn’t have to worry about that because the Nationals won’t let him move a muscle without approval. The Liberals need the Nationals coalition to form government in their own right, so they need to appease them to keep their needed majority, and if the Nationals are on their own, they’ll be bigger than Xenophon whom the Lefties are so worried about.
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So really, Malcolm needs to resign, and needs to do it fast, after all, he needs to feed his ego, and while a resignation is not exactly making it grow bigger, it won’t kill it like a booting will. After all, he’s 61 this year. It can be seen as a fair time to resign at his age. After all, he’s got a politician’s pension for the rest of his life (not that he needs it).

Image result for fiona scottNow, the traitors need to go with him. As I said, the Liberal party doesn’t exactly need to fill in a huge amount of seats thanks to Malcolm. A simple by-election could be seen through, and having Tony Abbot as Prime Minister could see a swing occur towards the Liberal party, seeing the core of the Liberal Party being appeased like the National party would be.

Image result for julie bishopSo, we’ve come to an agreement now? The Bedwetters can go back to bed, and we can have some real conservatives similar to the likes of Abbott and Cory Bernadi or Peter Dutton, and while the talent of Scott Morrison, who managed to oversee Operation Sovereign Borders, it would put the Liberal Party in good stead for the next election- which we never know will occur- and will mean that the backbone of the Liberal party will be returned and those lefties in the Liberal party (like Trent Zimmerman, Turnbull and many more) can be booted out.
Some of the traitors are shown to the left including
From top Christopher Pyne, Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull (the king of the bedwetters), Fiona Scott and  Julie Bishop.

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