Friday, 8 July 2016

Julie Bishop supports Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party and Government

On Wednesday, Julie Bishop came out to the media and made a statement that she fully expected Malcolm Turnbull to stay as the leader of the Liberal party and Prime Minster. This came in light of internal and external people from the Liberal Party pressuring for Turnbull to resign in light of his failed election campaign and the knifing of Abbott, but his loyal supporters, the kings of the bed wetters wouldn’t lay a finger on him, the loyal gangsters who were bumped up in the party when Turnbull reached prime ministership.

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Turnbull's Arrogance extended to his party's slogan
'A Turnbull Coalition Team'
So, Julie Bishop, who was always Turnbull’s right-hand-man (or right-hand-woman if I were to be politically correct), and failed to let Abbott know when Turnbull planned a leadership spill, the leadership spill that eventually knocked Abbott off his post as PM. You can see I’m still sour over it. Anyway, this sidekick came out to the media and proclaimed to the heavens that she expected Turnbull to remain in the top job. Well, as if we expected any other response, but why should Turnbull stay there? He’s shown that earning that position is totally worthless, and getting there the messy way is the best way, like knifing, and the only way he got into power this time is because people recognise that, however much they want to get revenge, they knew that the country was better of in Liberal hands rather than the idiotic Labour hands.

But why should the position of a leader have any worth anymore? If a leader can be knocked off in one vote, then what security do voters have that their vote is actually going to mean anything. What security do leaders have if they can be knocked off when things start going into dire straits? None, and Turnbull’s act showed that any party can complete a disgusting act like a knifing, and while liberal voters thought it was below the Liberal party, it obviously isn’t for someone as egomaniacal as Turnbull.

So, what have we established? The sidekicks aren’t being a traitor like they normally are, Turnbull has created distrust within Liberal ranks, and Julie Bishop has trust in her leader when Abbott, a year from the polls, was in less of a dire straits than Malcolm Turnbull, and this leads us to only one conclusion, Turnbull and Bishop are in cahoots, which is obvious, and they will keep their traitorous ways up for many years to come.

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