Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Greens fail in the Senate, no doubt part of Sarah Hanson-Young’s failures

Well, remember back on the 2nd of June, when Sarah Hanson-Young rewrote the Green’s Superannuation Policy? All that time ago, in the midst of the long election campaign that Malcolm planned? Well, that may just be part of the Green’s failure in the Senate during this election. While the Liberal party may have lost seats and votes, they certainty didn’t go the loony Greens.

Winning only seven seats in the Federal Senate, the Greens really put a stop to the rolling ball. Only days before, Julie Bishop experienced that ‘Gotcha Moment’ when she was asked about the Liberal Party’s Superannuation policy, and being the deputy leader of the Liberal Party, Liberal party voters could hardly help but be disappointed, so didn’t Hanson-Young think to look back on her party’s superannuation plan. Nope. But with that small replacement of a brain, you could hardly expect her to, could you, and her voters were probably pleased with her efforts. Well, they vote for her, don’t they. Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, certainty was pleased with her efforts and results in her interview on national radio. He said to Ray Hadley on the 2nd of June that she ‘did better than expected’. Well, that about sums it up.

Well, not only did she forget to check up on her policy after seeing Julie Bishop stuff up her party’s policy, but she also forgot to remember to check the Liberal Party’s budget, or more, the backlash over the budget’s Superannuation changes. So, she decided to change her party’s policy more, as if she thought that the people wouldn’t mind. Well, this really could go on a blooper roll couldn’t it?

Then, after being asked another reason, Hanson-Young proved that not all women can multi-task. She decided to get her answers from her boss, listening to the radio a few stories lower on the street outside the radio building. Well, given the 7 second radio difference, Hanson-Young failed to come up with an answer until her boss gave her the answers, leaving her no choice but to umm and haar like a part in the song ‘Witch-doctor’.

Anyhow, having made a few mistakes including;
-Not following up on Julie Bishop’s mistake only day’s before
- Rewriting the Greens Superannuation Policy weeks after backlash over the Liberal Party’s budget’s changes to the Superannuation in Australia
- Had to take instructions from her boss on this during a radio interview
- Sounded like the witch doctor song with all her umming and aaaring,

Image result for the greens, for a plan you can trust
While the logo states that you can trust them, Hanson-Young's
interview didn't exactly place trust in the hearts of voters.
Hanson-Young kept on digging herself deeper into a hole, at the same time, changing the Greens Superannuation plan. Not that it would make any difference. The Greens are so unorganised and imbecilic that its no surprise that they’ve got brain-less people like Hanson-Young working for them, and no wonder they only got seven seats in the Senate.
So, the Greens only managed to engage seven seats worth of Greenies and Tree-huggers, and, by having people like Hanson-Young writing their policies on the go, its no wonder voters weren’t impressed.

Hanson-Young's failed interview can be accessed on the 2gb website here.