Monday, 4 July 2016

Abbott’s victory tells another story

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While Malcolm Turnbull was busy playing the waiting game inside his Wentworth seat home, crying over his election’s crushing verdict, Tony Abbott was already celebrating an easy and well deserved win in his seat of Warringah. While interest had been on the independents in the area, including the foolish James Mathison, Abbott still managed to cruise to victory, only losing a small per cent from his last one. This victory has a whole other side to it than what seems to be happening with Malcolm the Turncoat and his hobble to the finish line.

While Tony Abbott managed to win on the two party preffered at 62.14%, the Prime Minister managed to grab 66.8%. This is not a great result for a prime minister, the leader of the national front, who should be setting the standard. Abbott’s crushing victory over others like Andrew Woodward and the incapable Clara Williams Roland shows that he really should be prime minister. If he, as a deposed prime minister, can bring numbers like that home to the Liberal party, then why not others? Because Tony Abbott is such a great candidate. While you may be sitting there, going ‘but Malcolm did better’, it is expected that Malcolm should do better. In fact, Malcolm said he would do better. Not only has the fool been praised as the Messiah for the Liberal party, but he’s the great purported communicator, the so called economic narrator AND the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister goes at the front, setting the bar high for the party, but he has not done so. Another reason why Tony Abbott should be Prime Minister.
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In an interview with Alan Jones, Tony Abbott expressed his true humbleness, which the media use to get to his core, but Tony explained that, had he been Prime Minister, he would have campaigned differently. Since he won so convincingly in his seat, which was under fire by other independents, he would have transposed that to a national campaign, as he did in 2013 and 2010. Also, for Malcolm Turnbull to get the results he did in a BLUERIBBION LIBERAL SEAT, where he should have won by a mile is outstanding. The people of Wentworth are obviously so against the undemocratic stabbing of Tony Abbott. We reported more on this in our ‘Playing the Waiting Game’ article.

During this campaign it has been obvious, Malcolm’s ego, which was non-existent in Tony Abbott, has got in the way of the voters, and forced them to vote for other independents, minor parties or the opposition itself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Abbott rises to the front bench, or even leader before the next election, and if he does, then so much the better for Australia.

Andrew Bolt got it right. Only Abbott can fix the damage that the incapable and unrelatable Turnbull has done to the Liberal Party.

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