Thursday, 14 July 2016

A say or a quick result, the waiting game is a continuous effort

While I fully support a plan where electronic voting is an option for voters, there needs to be a hack proof plan where the votes cannot be changed, and this, I fear, will be very hard to do.

Image result for election booths australiaNow, not all the votes are counted, a week and a half after the election itself, and we only just learnt for sure who the winners will be in the House of Representatives, and parties in the Senate are still lying in wait, so how efficient is our voting and counting process?

In the 21st century, you could expect votes to be counted in days, and it has, we just have to seen how many days, but we should not be waiting so long for a result. While it is true that the longer politicians are out of the decision making role, the better, we need a proper ruler around here, and waiting for a result is essentially meaning that we have not got anybody to lead us. Like a car driving at full speed with no driver, Australia cannot change direction until we have a guiding hand, and this won’t happen until someone has been elected to get in the drivers seat, and right now, that’s taking a long time. So, we need a system for counting, but that will all come with the election system.

If a server could be set up, and sent to people’s email servers, then people could vote electronically. Ideally, as these votes are being sent in, a computer will count the votes. This would mean that the result could be received within hours. The problem is, there are some nasty people in this world and in this country, and some will try to vote more than once, or even try to change people’s votes. To add to this, a hacker could get into the master computer, and change the votes for whole electorates, meaning that the people don’t actually a voice. Hackers always find a way, so the only solution would be to keep up our current system until a new, safer and hack proof system finds its way into our elections but before we even consider this proposition, we need to make sure it is absolutely hack proof, and if not, whether we are willing to risk the votes of the people for a quick and easy option.
Image result for election booths australia 
Now, the main flaw in my previous argument is that currently, there are ways to take ballot boxes away, change the vote of people and simply, get the vote wrong under the status quote. The AEC staff can simply change what people vote for- while this would be very complicated- conveniently lose votes, or, on transportation, they may be lost, like we say when a ballot box fell off the back of a truck. All that was needed was a vote to slip out, and the voice of one Australian, a person who holds the right to have a voice in the running of Australia, would have been lost. So what’s the difference?

While I support an electronic voting system, it could be complicated, eventually cost more, or result in the changing of votes, an act that Australia cannot afford. Is it the comfort of knowing you get a voice, or the quick result that may not be accurate? Whichever one it is, no one is happy playing the waiting game.

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