Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tony Abbott called a loony by Tom Hughes

Image result for tom hughes AO QCThe former attorney-general, Tom Hughes QC labelled Tony Abbott as a lunatic in his recent book, launched just weeks before Australians take to the polling booths. The book includes letters that Hughes wrote upon the overthrowing of Turnbull and the start of Tony Abbott’s reign as opposition leader. Hughes said ‘The party’s present folly will pass’. He wrote ‘this is a potentially catastrophic decision. To elect Abbott in his place is the equivalent of putting the bull in charge of the china shop or the principal lunatic in charge of the asylum. Abbott’s behaviour in relation to the risks of global warming may be compared to the oscillations of the weather vane’. This statement, I believe, is quite open to perspective, to which I will not comment.

I am totally fine with the Tom Hughes and any other person to write letters, and even publish them, however idiotic they are, but in this case, I think it is exceptional that Hughes would risk letting the cracks that led to the downfall of Tony Abbott show just weeks before the election. This shows the bubbles in the government’s bath, and just shows how unstable the ‘Turnbull-Liberal team’ really is.

The book which will probably be entertaining has probably gone too far, at least for Tom Hughes’ son-in-law, and the upcoming election.


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