Thursday, 2 June 2016

Hansen speaks out against Turnbull

Pauline Hansen came on air during the Ben Fordham show on 2GB today, talking through many things including the stupidity of David Morrison, through to Turnbull’s claim that Pauline Hansen would not be a ‘welcome presence in Australian Politics’

In her short 14 minutes today with Ben Fordham, which you can see here, she mentioned what we said yesterday (which you can see here, saying that Turnbull was kicked out by his own team, even going further than that.

She mentioned a variety of things including;

Hansen said to Fordham that if she was voted into the Senate, and Turnbull was elected into the House of Representatives, he has the same right to represent the people of Queensland as Turnbull did to represent his seat.

She stated in direct reference to Turnbull’s comment that he was thrown out of leadership by his party when he was opposition leader, so there’s not much difference between her and Turnbull. She stated that half the Liberal party don’t want him in leadership, and that she never wanted, nor liked Malcolm, even though he is a good communicator. She said he looked smart, and sounds smart, which is why he is PM. She stated that Tony Abbott is a way better candidate for the Liberal leadership, even though he did bring an end to her liberal political career, and said that Turnbull has donated to the Labour party, and that he belongs there [the labour party].

Today, Hansen showed that she is a strong candidate for her place in the Senate and good on her. I’m sure she wouldn’t be disappointed if I said that she is an Australian version of Donald Trump, on a smaller scale.

Good luck Pauline Hansen!

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