Thursday, 2 June 2016

David Morrison showing stupidity in every word

David Morrison has released a video that tells that words such as ‘guys’ and ‘ladies’ is disrespectful, and could incite exclusion or offence. He stated that these words ‘cut people out or down’ and said that he has removed these words from his lexicon as best as he could.  Ben Fordham and Pauline Hansen summed it up pretty well today, and you can hear this on the 2GB website here. The actual video can be seen from here.  I was reading Chris Kenny’s article on the Australian, about this, and he did it well. He spoke about the topic in the sarcasm and joking fashion that Morrison’s idea deserves. To view it, go here.

So, Morrison’s come out on the ABC (of course, where else) and said that these words could spread offence and exclusion. The first question we’ve got to ask ourselves is what would Morrison know about how female’s feel when this word is used to them? He wouldn’t know anything, unless he’s changed his gender, which is weirdly allowed under this wacky and stupid society. But, back to the point. He doesn’t know what female’s feel, so he doesn’t have the right to tell everyone so righteously not to talk to female’s using the word guy’s, or even ladies.

Lets go to the list that Morrison suggested be taken off our vocabulary. He suggests;
Fag and Dike

Be removed from our vocabulary, and all rightly, but the relevance is little. 2UE nights host Mike Jefferies said last night that he had ‘not heard those terms for a decade’. Correct. These old terms are not used anymore. Society has moved on, and quite rightly, but guys? Really? This takes Section 18C to a new level. To see my comments on Section 18C, go here.

Now, the next question to ask is, how does this affect the majority of Australia’s population? The answer, of course, is it doesn’t, so why impose it? But lets entertain ourselves and pretend that it does make a difference. Lets pretend that women will feel much better once this word is ‘removed from society’s vocabulary’.

Firstly, why do women use the word ‘guys’, if they feel excluded in the use. Why do they use the word if they are put down by it? Lets put this entertaining idea down now. Women wouldn’t say the word ‘guys’ if it offended them So, the conclusion we must draw is that the word ‘guys’ is not offensive.

Lets draw our attention to the award that Morrison was awarded this year. He is the Australian of the Year. Comments on Chris Kenny’s article said this.
What’s next? The word Mate?- asked Matthew
Soon, we’ll be having ‘non-gender’ specific birth certificates, and will be ‘it’s- Mouse
Has the Australian of the Year award had it’s time?- Mouse
This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic- Ken
I never knew the ABC had a comedy section- Harry
Morrison’s appointment as Australian of the Year is an insult to Australians- John

We need to ask ourselves who awarded this award to Morrison, and why.
So,  was discussing this topic with Morrison, after he released the video recently. Ward admitted she used the word. Oh no, is she an exclusive person now? Anyway, she agreed with Morrison’s point of view (typical for an ABC commentator), and pledged to stop using the word. Its not too hard to imagine that Roz Ward will be the next Australian of the Year for who-knows-what? She meets the criteria. Lets hope that’s not the next joke in the ABC’s comedy section.

Lets turn to Morrison himself. It seems that Morrison is trying to PC everything in Australia. Now, how did he become the leader of our Army? Don’t they have mental health checks in the Army. I certainty thought so. I wonder how Morrison slipped past that one. One person joked that this all started when the government decided it couldn’t afford to keep the mental health hospitals open.

Now, to the video itself. The video feature commentary from David Morrison, and a group of males and females or ‘guys’ and ‘ladies’ if you wanted to annoy Morrison. The movie featured a message from Morrison, and then, an example of how women feel when being called ladies. The movie then goes to show the women giving advice or insight. The first woman tells how she is sometimes called ‘bossy’ or a ‘ball crusher’ behind her back. She says that you wouldn’t say this to a bloke. Wait, did she say bloke? Bloke. Well, that’s outrageous. Calling someone a bloke is ‘exclusive and offensive’, or is it one of the cherry-picked words that Morrison has decided to keep? It certainty seems so.

Image result for diversity council australia
Lastly, lets move to the message behind the controversy. The message, as I’ve outlined, is that words like ‘guy’, ‘girl’, ‘ladies’ etc are offensive and exclusive. The message mainly features the word ‘guy’. Lets bypass the common knowledge (which Morrison obviously doesn’t know) that women use the word ‘guys’. But in the video, the word used is ‘guys’. With an ‘s’ on the end, wouldn’t that represent inclusive language? With Morrison making a statement on the English language, Morrison should have done his homework. An ‘S’ represents more than one of something, which is inclusive, not exclusive, which means that Morrison’s case is flawed, but lets go even deeper, past the already obvious faults. Mr (or should I address him as David. No, David suggests a male gender, which is obviously exclusive) Morrison suggests that the word ‘ladies’ is derogatory. One called on 2UE (who was a lady, wait no, ladies are not allowed. A woman, no, that’s now sexist. It was an it. Oh, this is terribly confusing) suggested the correct idea that being a ‘lady’ is not derogatory, but actually a compliment. Why is Morrison suggesting the opposite?

Why do we need to waste money on the ABC, who enjoys broadcasting this junk, and the Australian of the Year awards, which are so obviously bias and rubbish?

To end, I don’t like the word guys, although I do use it, but my reasons are very different to Morrison’s, and I do not propose to ban it. I think the word is too American, and is overused, like the word kid, but we don’t need to ban the word. But it’s a free country for goodness sake. Oh well, at least we can sleep soundly at night, knowing Morrison is not the head of our Army any more. Go to work tomorrow. Don’t go in saying what Morrison want’s, like ‘Hi team’ or ‘Hi everyone’ or ‘Hi colleagues’, say, ‘Hi guys’ or ‘Hi ladies’. Forget about Morrison. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

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