Monday, 2 May 2016

The Leadership Spills

The devastation of Leadership Spills

When a country votes for a leader, they do not expect that leader to be deposed a few years later, but it happens in Australia, the country that is ‘so democratic’.

The problem not only lies with the democratic unfairness of it, but with the policy views. With the latest leadership spill, which resulted in Tony Abbott being voted out 54 to 44, Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister, but has a totally different set of views from Tony Abbott, so when everyone voted for Tony Abbott’s views, it was for nothing? Because Tony Abbott was against Global Warming, Same Sex Marriage and a Republic, yet Malcolm Turnbull agrees with it. We have a gay MP under Malcolm Turnbull and have already seen Turnbull being kicked out of leadership for his disastrous ‘green house emissions tax scheme’ as opposition, and while he has learnt from his mistake, he can’t have changed his views that dramatically! And the traditional conservative views that the Liberal party once stood for, are in danger of being thrown out the window. If it weren’t for the National’s, then who knows what might happen to Tony Abbott’s election promises and beliefs.

It first happened when Julia Gillard deposed Kevin Rudd  on  the 23rd June, 2010, and then again, in Gillard’s first full term, or not so, when Rudd deposed Julia Gillard. It has happened again. Malcolm Turnbull, or, now that he’s shown his true colours, Malcolm Turncoat, has deposed Tony Abbott, who was voted in. Does democracy stand for nothing in 21st century Australia. We live in times where commentators like Andrew Bolt are sued on the basis of section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, which dictates;
d Kevin Rudd, on the 24
‘it is unlawful for someone to do an act that is reasonably likely to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” someone because of their race or ethnicity’
We are worried to “offend” someone, but suddenly, Australia thinks it is okay to depose someone who has gained a position rightfully, or is it just the ‘agenda-crazy politicians’ who need to fill their personal agenda’s? Is it those who try to look the ‘Mr Reasonable’, but have no sense of democracy? So now Turncoat’s been in power for more than 6 months, what has he got to show for it? Nothing but a submarine deal that results in Australia’s navy getting a new submarine in 2031, and the last in 2060. What a mess. Australia doesn’t want him. He was axed form Liberal leadership for a reason, but he just couldn’t keep his greedy hands off the position he always coveted. He let Tony Abbott go the hard mile, fixing the problems that Labour brought into the country, and as soon as things seem to be getting better for Australia, Turnbull jumps in, without doing a single thing.

We all knew that the Liberals would win in the Canning by-election, but because the polls looked to be in ‘dire straits’, Malcolm decided to take the position he coveted for himself, on the basis of polls. Since when have votes secured anything? Does this now mean that Turnbull should be kicked out of office because the polls aren’t in his favour? Of course we should, but it won’t happen, because Tony Abbott is too nice, and a nice man gets nowhere. But when Malcolm Turnbull ‘trounced the Canning by-election’, it somehow came as a shock, as if it wouldn’t have happened under Tony Abbott, when the polls, which Malcolm so relies on, showed that Tony Abbott would win more than Turnbull actually did. Malcolm couldn’t wait a few days, for Tony Abbott to prove himself, to show what he was made of, because Malcolm knew what would happen. Malcolm knew Tony would ‘trounce’ just as much as Turnbull would, and he knew that a win in Canning would bring confidence to the government, which in turn, would bring confidence to the Prime Minister, which is not what Malcolm wanted, well, not if the confidence was in regards to Tony, so he challenged Tony a few days before, making it out that Tony Abbott did not have the power that the country needs, and that Tony cannot provide the confidence that the country needs, and he took the position for himself, fulfilling yet another wish in Turnbull’s political agenda.
When a leadership spill occurs, it creates distrust in the government, and right now, Australian doesn’t know where to turn. When they voted for Labour, they found disunity, distrust, and a lack of policies that help Australians, so they turned to the Liberals, but it just goes to show, a nice man never goes anywhere. Tony Abbott was too nice. Bill Shorten should have been out of politics long ago. As soon as he tried for the Labour party, the Liberals should have known that they couldn’t trust this man, yet here he is, ruling over us all. Now the Liberal party is a write-off. No insurance company could save them. Those 54 MP’s that voted for Malcolm Turnbull have brought this once fruitful party to its knees. Even Brown Bishop, who, when in times of discredit and distrust, found trust in Tony Abbott, turned her back on her saviour, and voted for Malcolm Turnbull. In Question Time a few months back, Malcolm Turnbull said this. “The Labour party make the great mistake, of seeing their opponents through the prism of their own disunity. Of imagining that we [The Liberal Party] are as fractured and faction-reeded as them [The Labour Party]. Imagining that we have got … dissention in our ranks” Well, it looks like Malcolm Turnbull truly is the “hero of the gung-ho Lazy Susan”, and if Tony Abbott is speaking the truth when he says that the Abbott era is over, it looks like we’re stuck with him. And now we’ve seen the true Malcolm Turncoat, it looks like the right I merging into the left, but more evident than that, it looks like ‘our current prime minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership our country needs.


Richard Mills

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