Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Manus Island's detention centre CLOSING,

On Monday morning, in bad weather, the first reported asylum seeker boat arrived in to years. This comes in light of the Papua New Guinean government announcing that they will close Manus Island.  If this is to occur, then the refugees located there will have to be relocated, or allowed into society. This is probably what these Sri Lankan refugees were hoping; that they would get into the Manus island refugee camp, and get moved into the Australian society.

Malcolm Turnbull, you stabbed Tony Abbott in the back, how about we see some action. What about Operation Sovereign Borders? We need some backbone, not for these refugees to be moved to the Cocos Islands. Malcolm Turnbull, the country is watching you, and you need to follow in Tony Abbott’s footsteps, and use some backbone., because if you don’t, then more lives will be lost at sea.

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