Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Malcolm Turnbull needs to forget the hypocrisy

 If Malcolm Turnbull wants to turn the polls around, and make them head north, then he’s got to forget the arrogance and hypocrisy that he possessed today when he told Pauline Hansen that she was ‘not welcome in Australian politics’. He reminded her that she was kicked from the Liberal Party. 

Lets go back to before Tony Abbott was PM, when Malcolm Turnbull was, and he made those disastrous comments and policies that got him kicked from the leader of the opposition. Was he not ‘kicked out’ then? What made him think that he was welcome in Australian politics? What makes him special. Come on Malcolm, give us some answers. How come you can regain seats and control in parliament, but Hansen can’t? All his statement proved was that he is the far left of the liberal party ( a part that once tried to join the Labour Party) and that he is trying to appease the public.

Quit it, Malcolm, and maybe you’ll see a change in the polls.


To view more about Pauline Hansen and her views, go here- 

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