Thursday, 5 May 2016

It's easy to place the blame on Tony

During Bronwyn Bishop’s final parliamentary speech, she laid the blame on Tony Abbott, stating ‘I was asked to reign to protect Tony Abbott’.
This is the politician that, when in strife, found support in Tony Abbott. The politician that then knifed Abbott in the back during the Leadership Spill shot a sharp glare at the former Prime Minister whom she easily laid the blame on. Ms Bishop, you brought it on yourself, and your seeing the repercussions now. Say goodbye to politics, and politics, say goodbye to Ms Bishop.

I used to favour Ms Bishop, mainly for her defence against the savage attack that was brought on by the media. When the media could have chosen any other politician to attack for unnecessary
taxing, they chose her. Where women were once held upon the altar at the ABC (during the Gillard years), that ideology seemed to fly out the window when the chance to attack yet another of the Liberal Party’s ranks came up. But after I saw how Bronwyn Bishop turned her back ruthlessly on Tony Abbott in the leadership spill, I despised her, and am now glad that we can see her back, leaving the spectrum of politics for good.

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