Monday, 30 May 2016

Bolt's got it right. Lambie cannot be excused.

Political commentator Andrew Bolt is absolutely right when he comments on Tasmanian senator Jacquie Lambie's comments on Cory Bernardi.

Lambie commented on the ABC, which is meant to be a fair and just national television station for all of the Australian population, saying that the Bernardi was 'Born with a silver spoon up me rear end' attitude, and made the claim that the South Australian politician is an 'arsehole'.

The first question to be asked is why was the ABC allowing this imbecile to make such disrespectful comments.

                              Senator Jacquie Lambie and Kitchen Cabinet Host Annabel Crabb

All it is is a political move by Lambie which she knew the ABC would support. This is just another step by the ABC to prove its bias and stupidity. It seems as if the ABC wants to be banned.

Cory Bernardi made an outstanding response on Friday; 'Given the only conversation I've ever had with Jacqui Lambie was listening to her complain about not getting paid enough, I'm not sure she knows anything about me,' he told Daily Mail Australia.
'However, everyone has issues in their life so I just hope she keeps getting the help she needs to deal with hers.' This is something that Lambie wouldn't have the brains to say, and just shows the respect that Bernardi shows, even when wronged by an idiot.

Now, another issue is what Bolt spoke about in his blog post. He asked why Lambie was allowed to get away with these comments, when, if a Liberal politician so right as Bernardi had made these comments, then he would be labelled sexist, and bigotry. This is just another media attack on a respectful man who got where he is by working hard. The media needs to stop being so bias, and look at the political spectrum evenly.

These comments should bring two things.
Ms Lambie said Liberal backbencher Cory Bernardi was an 'a***hole', 'born with a silver spoon up his rear end'
The ABC having its funding taken, which would save the Australian taxpayer millions, and, the bringing down of Lambie, but of course, this won't happen in our country of 'justness' and 'political correctness'.

Lastly, Kitchen Cabinet host Annabel Crabb should have made a move to defend Bernardi, or at least do something to keep Lambie's idiotic comments less sharp than the knife she was holding. Doing nothing made Crabb seem like an idiot, which she probably is.
Cory Bernardi

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