Tuesday, 31 May 2016

6 reasons why I support Donald Trump, and why you should too.

1. He is a successful person. While some people believe that Trump is arrogant, because he’s got money, does that mean that other billionaire’s are arrogant too? Does that mean that Bill Gates is arrogant, although we know he isn’t? Come on. If Donald can make money, then he can make America successful. It is in 18 trillion dollars of debt, it can’t pick and choose who it likes, because their economy is the central balance for the globe. They need a successful person.
   2. He say’s what he believes in. Most politicians, as we all know, lie all the time, but not Donald Trump. Donald is his own person, and he stands for what he believes in. That is why his speeches can be so weird and jagged, in what he speaks about, because he goes from one topic to another, because he doesn’t write his speeches, he knows them. His speeches don’t sound like polished lines that other politician’s do,  he goes along as he pleases, and he doesn’t need polished lines, or speeches, because those speeches are too often there, because politicians don’t believe in what they say, so they need a speech. Donald doesn’t, proving he believes in what he says. Also, why would Donald lie, when it is so unpopular with the public? If he wanted to lie, he would tell the public what is popular, as to appease the public.

   3. He isn’t swayed by the media. All too often we have politicians saying one thing, but then, once interrogated by the media in an interview, they fall apart, promising all sorts of stupid things that the media want. Donald hasn’t done this, and he hasn’t been swayed by media personalities, in fact, he has stood up to them, proving how strong he is, and what a suitable candidate he is.

   4. He realises what trouble America is in. Clinton has unrealistic goals that won’t do any good for America. She wants half a billion solar panels in America by 2020, and wants all homes to be running on solar energy in ten years. This is not only unrealistic, but it will be so costly, that America’s already 18 Trillion dollars of debt will be extended. Trump will take the less used path,  and take the hard road towards surplus, something Clinton wouldn’t know anything about.

   5. He is strong on defence. Trump has spoken many times in this. He will conquer ISIS. He will take them down. Some people are scared of Trump. No one is scared of Clinton.  Why would a person who isn’t scary be better than a scary person when it comes to taking down ISIS.

   6. He is a good negotiator. Let’s face it. In his line of work, negotiations are a large part of life, so why should we trust Clinton to make negotiations when Trump is so much more qualified?

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