Saturday, 9 April 2016

On This Day 9th April

Hello everyone,

From Kings to Queens, monks to Dried Milk, there is a lot of variety in today's edition of 'On This Day'!


Richard Mills


193- Septimius Severus is proclaimed the Roma Emperor

715- Constantine completes his reign as the Catholic Pope. This was because he died. His reign started in 708, on the 25th of March and his successor was Gregory II.

1413- Henry V’s coronation as the King of England. During his rule, he died in 1422, and was the second English ruler to come from the House of Lancaster. On the date of his coronation, a great snowstorm hit London, but the people did not know whether it was a good or bad omen. Nether the less, he continued with the war with France, now known as the Hundred Year War. He came close to conquering France, and therefore, signed a treaty with Charles VI of France, called the Treaty of Troyes. As well as this, he was appointed Regent of France, and heir-apparent of France, which meant that he was married to Charles VI’s daughters, Catherine of Valois, but soon later, Henry V suddenly died, leaving his infant son to rule England. (Image Top Right)

1440- Christopher of Bavaria is appointed the King of Denmark.

1454- Milan and Venice sign peace of Lodi. To find out more about the leadership of Milan, I wrote a piece on Ludovico Sforza yesterday, have a look at it here–>
1483- Edward V succeeds his father, Edward IV, but is never crowned, as he disappears, at the age of 12, and is presumed murdered. (Image Right)

1555- Marcello Cervini is elected as Pope Marcellus II

1872- Samuel R Percy patents ‘Dried Milk’.

1918- Latvia proclaims its independence

1940- Germany invades Norway and Denmark, and Denmark surrenders during WWII

1963- Winston Churchill becomes the 1st US honorary citizen.

1967- The first Boeing 737 is rolled out, as well as making its maiden flight.

1968- Martin Luther King Jr. is buried at Atlanta

1969- The first flight of the Concorde 002 from Filton, Bristol. (Image Right)

1992- John Majors is elected the Prime Minister of England and Great Britain. He preceded Margret Thatcher, and was succeeded by Tony Blair.

2002- The Queen Mother’s funeral is held in a funeral where more than a million people filled the streets of London.

2005- Prince Charles of Wales marries Camilla Parker Bowles at Windsor’s Guildhall.

2013- The French Senate approves a bill that allows Same-sex marriage L


1649- James Scott, duke of Mournmouth and barstard son, or illegitimate child of English King, Charles II

1806- Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whom you may recall was in yesterday’s edition of ‘On This Day’. He was the designer of the 1st transatlantic steamer.
1835- Leopold II, the King of the Belgians from 1865-1909 (Image Right)

1867- Chris Watson, the Third Prime Minister of Australia

1926- Hugh Hefner, need I say any more?


2005- This was also in the History section, His Royal Highness, Charles, the Prince of Wales marries Camilla Parker Bowles, the now Duchess of Cornwall.


715- Constantine, A Syrian Pope from 708-715. He was also in the History section.

1024- Pope Benedict VIII, pope from 1012-1024, dies. Maybe today was a day for Pope’s to die? Constantine and Benedict?

1483- Henry IV, King of England from 1461-1470, and then again from 1471-1483. Read about his son in the History section.

1484- Edward of Middleham and Prince of Wales, the Son of King Richard III.

1492- Lorenzo de Medici , or Lorenzo the Magnificent, who was a Florentine patron of the arts and leader of Florence during the Italian Renaissance. He died at the age of 43.To read more about his dramatic rule, life and family, go here –>

1553- Francois Rabelais, a French author, mostly famous for his book Gargantua and Pantagruel. He was a monk that made many famous quotes such as ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink it’ and ‘There are those who are blind and chose not to see’, ‘Everything comes in time to those who can wait’, ‘No clock is more regular than the belly’ and here’s one to upset you ‘A mother-in-law dies only when another devil is needed in hell’! He is quite a scream. (Image Right)

1626- Francis Bacon, and English statesman dies at the age of 65.

1747- Simon Fraser, 12th Baron Lovat Jacobite, and was the last man to be beheaded in England.

1765- Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel, the Princess of Orange-Nassau, dies at 77. The House of Orange-Nassau is in the Netherlands, and played a central role in the Netherlands’ politics.

1806- George V of Orange Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic dies at the age of 58. The Stadtholder was the Chief Magistrate of the United Provinces of the Netherlands.

1904- Isabella II, the Queen of Spain from 1833 to 1868 dies at the age of 73.

1945- Georg Elser, the failed assassin of Hitler.