Thursday, 7 April 2016

On This Day 6th April

Hello everyone, sorry I could not post this yesterday, but I was still recovering from camp, I was really tired, and had a few tick bites too (3). Todays edition will also be coming out soon


Richard Mills


46 BC- Julius Caesar defeats Caecillius Metellus Scipio in the battle of Thapsus.

1663- King Charles II of England, signs the Carolina Charter- Carolina is latin for Charles, and this granted the state of Carolina to a few English nobles, and for the use of any member of the Church of England. For more information, go to

1672- France declares war on the Netherlands

1722- Peter the Great, the Tsar of Russia, ended the tax on men with beards

1757- The British King, George II dismisses the British Prime Minister, William Pitt the Elder.

1843- William Wordsworth is appointed the British Poet Laureate by Queen Victoria. (Right image)

1889- George Eastman begins the sale of his Kodak flexible rolled film.

1917- US declares war on Germany, and so enters World War I.

1924- 4 planes leave the American city of Seattle on the first successful around-the-world flight.

1973- US launches its spaceship Pioneer 11 into space headed for Jupiter and Saturn

1984- The first time 11 people were in space at the same time.


1483- Raphael, the famous Italian Renaissance painter is born. Also, read on to deaths, and you will find he died on his 37th birthday, an amazing thing, as a recent study has found that people over 60 are have a 14% chance of dying on their birthday! (image right)

There were not really any other famous people that I know of that were born today, but there were a few actors such as Paul Rudd, who starred in Clueless, and was born in 1969, and Zach Braff, an American actor.


1868- Brigham Young marries his 27th and final wife. He is the founder of Salt Lake City, and a member of the LDS Church. Not only was he a member in the LDS Church (the Latter Day Saint Church), but he was the 2nd President of the LDS Church.

1896- Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd US President weds Mary Scott. He was aged 63, and his wife was aged 37.

1979- I don’t really know him, but I’m sure some of you do, Rod Stewart, a British singer-songwriter married model Alana Collins today. She was his first wife, and he is now married to Penny Lancaster, whom he married in 2007.


1199- Richard I, otherwise known as Richard the Lionheart, died at the age of 49, ruling England from 1189-1199). You should go and check him out, and you might find hat he is not who you think he is. (image right)

1520- Raphael, the famous Italian Renaissance painter died on his 37th Birthday.

1590- Francis Walsingham, English secretary of state, died c. 57.

1825- Vladimir Borovikovsky, a Russian Painter, dies at 65 years old. He painted many great artworks, and I highly recommend you look t some of his on the internet.

1971- Igor Stravinsky, a Russian composer.