Tuesday, 5 April 2016

On This Day 5th April

Regarding Births and Deaths, today was quite unexceptional, but that has to be a good thing, right, or in the cases of deaths.


1603- James I visits Edinburgh

1792- George Washington casts 1st presidential veto

1900- Attempted assassination of Edward, prince of Wales, in Brussels, fails

1944- German forces execute 270 inhabitants of the Greek town of Kleisoura

1955- Winston Churchill resigns as PM

1974- The World Trade Centre opens in New York. It was 110 stories high

1982- British navy sails to the Falkland Islands

1991- Southeast Airlines Embracer 120 crashes, killing 23


1288- Emperor Go Fushimi of Japan


1697- Charles XI King of Sweden from 1660-1697, dies at the age of 41