Saturday, 2 April 2016

On This Day 2nd April

Today was okay for history, but things are slowing down.
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1453- Mehmed II began his siege upon Constantinople

1801- Naval Battle of Copenhagen begins. The British forces, led by Horatio Nelson, vanquished the Danish forces

1804- A convoy led by HMS Apollo runs aground off the coast of Portugal, shipwrecking 40 merchantmen

1860- 1st Italian Parliament meets at Turin

1912- Titanic undergoes sea trials under its own power

1917- Jeannette Rankin began her first term as the 1st woman member of Congress

1921- Albert Einstein does a lecture in New York regarding his new ‘Theory of Relativity’.

1935- Sir Robert Watson-Watt patens the RADAR

1982- Thousands of Argentine troops seize the Falkland Islands from Great Britain

1989- Wrestlemania V at Trump Plaza, Hulk Hogan defeats ‘Macho Man’ Savage


1653- Prince George of Denmark, prince consort of Anne of England

1805- Hans Christian Andersen (Danish author of 150 fairy tails including, the Ugly Ducking and the Snow Queen)

1812- Louise-Marie of France, and Queen of Belgium


1836- Charles Dickens (24) marries Catherine Thomas Hogarth (20)


1872- Samuel Morse, the inventor of the Electric Telegraph, dies at 80

2005- Pope John Paul II dies of heart failure (84)