Sunday, 24 April 2016

On This Day 24th April

Hello everyone,

although there weren't many births today, there were many weddings 'On This Day', which was unusual, anyhow, enjoy today's edition of 'On This Day'


Richard Mills


1479BC- Thutmose III gains the crown, although according to the Lower chronology of the 18th dynasty, Hatshepsut essentially gains control

1184 BC- The traditional date for the Greeks entering Troy in the Trojan horse

858- Benedict III is succeeded by Nicholas I for Pope (Nicholas I Imaged Left)

1066- Sparks from the Halleys comet provokes an English monk to predict that the country will be destroyed

1888- The Eastman Kodak company forms

1899- Queen Victoria is asked for aid by the Transvaal British Uitlanders

1953- Winston Churchill is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

1954- the USSR and Australia break diplomatic relations

1961- 17th Century Swedish warship, Vasa, which sunk on her maiden voyage in 1628, is salvaged

2005- Pope Benedict XVI is sworn in as the 265th Pope


1533- William I of Orange (Image Right)

1924- Sir Clement Freud, British writer, politician and radio personality


1558- Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland weds French King, Fran├žois

1963- English Princess Alexandra marries Sir Angus Ogivy, at Westminster Abbey

1992- David Bowie, British rock star, marries Swiss supermodel, Iman
2004- Prince Friso of Orange, the 2nd son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, weds Mabel Wisse Smit, without permission of Parliament House. (Image Right)


2007- Whitney Houston divorces Bobby Brown


709- English saint, Wilfrid

729- Egbert, English saint

1077- King of Hungary from 1074 to 1077, Geza I

1185- Emperor of Japan from 1180 to 1185, Antoku Taira, drowns
1731- Daniel Defoe, English novelist, especially famed for Robinson Crusoe, dies around the age of 70 (Image Left)

1942- Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, especially famed for her book, Anne of Green Gables

1986- the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, whom English King, Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry, dies at the age of 89

2004- Estee Lauder, American cosmetics