Thursday, 21 April 2016

On This Day 21st April

Hello everyone,

Rejoice, the Queen was born on this day, in all her splendor! As well as this wonderful occurrence, there are many other interesting things that happened 'On This Day' like the meeting of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles for the first time. Catch up on history today!


Richard Mills


753 BC- Romulus and Remus found the city of Rome (this is the traditional date)

1453- Ottoman Turk ships sink Constantinople ship, Golden Receiver

1536- While feigning illness, Thomas Cromwell began to plan and plot the downfall of Anne Boleyn (Anne Boleyn imager Right)

1689- William and Mary Stuart are announced King and Queen of England

1785- Empress Catherine II of Russia, confers on the ‘Charter to the nobility’, which increases the power of the land oligarchs, who are essentially wealthy businessmen who held political influence and power

1789- the 1st Vice President, John Adams, is sworn in, nine days before Washington

1796- Napoleon and his French forces defeat the Piedmontese people at the Battle of Mondovi

1846- At the battle San Jacinto, Texas wins independence from Mexico

1865- Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train leaves Washington

1878- The First Lady at the time, Lady Lucy Hayes, beings the first Egg rolling Competition on the lawn of the White House

1788- the 1st fireman pole is installed in New York

1894- ‘Arms and the Man’, by George Bernard Shaw, is premiered in London

1908- Frederick A Cook claims that he reached the North Pole (but he didn’t) (Image Right)

1956- Elvis Presley records his number one hit, Heartbreak Hotel

1959- 1211kg  (Over 1 tonne) Great White Shark is caught on a fishing rod, making it the largest fish caught on a rod

1960- Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, is formed

1963- The rolling Stones meet the Beatles for the first time


1673- Holy Roman Empress, Wilhelmina of Brunswick

1816- Charlotte Brönte, English Author of Jane Eyre, born in West Yorkshire

1924- Daniel Melnick, producer of Get Smart

1926- Her Royal Highness, Queen Alexandra Mary Windsor, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1952 to the present (Image Left)


1073- Pope Alexander II, Pope from 1061 to 1073

1329- Frederick IV Duke of Lorraine

1509- King Henry VII, the first Tudor King from 1485 to 1509, dies at the age of 59

1574- Cosimo de Medici, Italian Duke of Toscane, dies at the age of 54
1910- Mark Twain(is his pen name), or Samuel Clemens, author, dies at the age of 74

2013- Leopold Engleitner, survivor of the Austrian Holocaust, dies at the age of 107 (Image Right)